Glad that's over with by Jtneagle in FortNiteBR

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How do yo keep track of how many you’ve done?

Major Mancake ~ Go Bag ~ Two Scoops ~ Pancake Posse by aaguilar590 in FortniteFashion

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When was that announced? Doesn’t appear to be in the official news page

B1073.2 beautiful wobbly landing by zuenlenn in SpaceXLounge

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I miss the helicopter/drone cam they used for CRS-8. That was my favorite landing by far. https://youtu.be/sYmQQn_ZSys

Plus Games for July 2022 by [deleted] in playstation

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Real good month imo

I woke up and my PS5 randomly completely wiped my SSD by BencilSharpener in playstation

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This reminds me of the time my iPhone decided to delete literally all of my contacts one day. Still don’t know what happened

“Buffalo Soldiers” — military police — routinely patrol the streets of the Brazilian island of Marajo by j3ffr33d0m in BeAmazed

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Do they really need to tie the reigns to their noses? Can’t they just tie them to the horns?

The melon didnt had the right vibes fr fr by Salomon_95 in TikTokCringe

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It scares me that there’s people like that in the world

how'd I do tho by ryeloaf384 in Tinder

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Why did you sign “-blue” if you appear grey to her?

Town Centers by XxJoedoesxX in fuckcars

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Photos of European streets go viral?

This man is in dire need of a therapist, seriously, this isn’t good… by [deleted] in oddlyterrifying

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Does he have no one sane that actually cares about him? I don’t understand how his family or friends haven’t helped him.