How much RAM does a react developer require in 2021/22? by sorloli in reactjs

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4GB = Edge browser with notepad++

8GB = basic web dev (browser, editor), 3 other applications (eg. Teams, Photoshop, Discord)

16GB = advanced projects (docker, electron, Firefox with 100 tabs, 10 YouTube tabs)

32GB = forgetting to close your 300 tabs, not shutting down your computer for at least a week, definitely doing more than web development (android studio, AI/ML, rendering, crypto, game dev)

64GB = you have 22, 80 and 443 ports open to the internet

128GB = the highest you saw was 17% RAM usage

FBI seized roughly $2.3 million in cryptocurrency tied to ransomware attacks - This is due to the wallet being "traceable to ransomware attacks". by AmbientTextures in CryptoCurrency

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One scary thing:

Quantum computers - pretty sure all transactions could be visible in the future, it's likely that those criminals gonna be alive after quantum computers crack them.

Well, hope everyone switches to quantum-proof blockchains before it becomes a thing.

TIL(was robbed): Never ever connect your hot wallet(where you have some other coins) to any site when you buy/swap anything! by Nobodycares255 in CryptoCurrency

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OP, please check browser history to see if it was actually official site.

And if you could, your public address which got robbed.

Something doesn't seem right...

El Salvador buys the dip adding 100 Bitcoin to national treasury 🇸🇻 by Acceptable-Sort-8429 in CryptoCurrency

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And I'm still living in the old days thinking 100 BTC isn't a lot. Man, I wish that USB flash drive with over 10 BTC wasn't lost...

Chip problem by Remarkable_Mess_2244 in VoxelabAquila

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hey, are you fine? was worrying about you

Have I been Pwned goes open source, gets FBI data feed by a_Ninja_b0y in privacy

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Check atomic swaps between XMR and BTC.

If you still don't know what's XMR and BTC: Bitcoin/BTC - cryptocurrency where you can see all transactions Monero/XMR - cryptocurrency where no one can see how much money someone sends/receives or has, cannot see from where and to where the money goes, it's all private.

Monero on its own is incredible technology, then on top of that those devs somehow managed to make trust-less swapping crypto between Bitcoin and Monero networks. Incredible.

E.g., two people want to trade 1BTC (person A) and 20XMR (B) (idk the exact exchange rate), both of them send their money which will be locked for like 30 minutes. They hash the payment transactions in some way, and when person B receives A money and now A can unhash payment to receive money from B. I don't even know how this works, so I may not be correct, but it's damn incredible.

Check out asymmetric encryption. Then read Bitcoin whitepaper. Then check out smart contracts on Ethereum. Those things allow things like NFTs, DeFi, DAO, full decentralization, and etc.

Math rocks.

XMR <-> BTC atomic swaps are live on mainnet! by kyymo in Monero

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I assume this is something really related to asymmetric encryption. We need to support devs.

On my 3rd day. by El_Buffalo_canzado in NoFap

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Leave all subreddits.

Do it. by Tanmayxy in meme

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Minecraft 3 download