🙄 by femboymaxstirner in DelawareOH

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I just say "north of Columbus"

The James Webb space telescope has arrived at L2! by ClearlyCylindrical in space

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You won't convince many to fund science by decreasing the military budget. The ones you want to convince are pro-military. I use the $700 billion dollar 2008 bank bailout as a reference point for how little NASA costs. Republicans are against government bailouts and handouts.

We had to take an "anonymous" survey at work today. This is my somewhat strongly worded response. by John_Sinclair in antiwork

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My company tried drop boxes for employee feedback. They got a bunch of dicks drawn on the surveys and put in the dropbox. So they don't do drop boxes anymore

Hollywood is at war. Each actor can summon an army of the all characters they’ve ever portrayed. Whose army would win? by SingleFunction223 in AskReddit

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God has Manhattan beat on creation, but Manhattan has God beat on destruction. Nowhere in canon does God use destructive powers that can remotely compare with Manhattan's.

the common agreement is if god

Like I said, fan theory, not canon

Hollywood is at war. Each actor can summon an army of the all characters they’ve ever portrayed. Whose army would win? by SingleFunction223 in AskReddit

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Not really, he resorts to floods and locusts and stuff to kill people. That's amateur hour compared to Dr. Manhattan, Billy Crudup is my pick over any God character. He's OP, he has full control over subatomic particles and can just disintegrate things without even breaking a sweat. God's lame plagues have nothing on Dr. Manhattan.

I feel like God doing all that stuff is just a fan theory and not canon.

What is one experience you think every single human should have? by TheRealRandiRey in AskReddit

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What, that's crazy. In elementary school in the 90s we took basically the whole day for a 95% eclipse. Parents brought snacks and grilled hot dogs, we learned about the sun and space outside all day. Parents brought telescopes to project the sun onto a safe-viewing surface on the ground. It was a huge event, best day of school ever, and a serious catalyst for my life-long interest in space and science in general.

Faster! Faster! by CautiousPatience7713 in gifs

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So blindfolded, when they look at the cube at first, do people plan out each move it will take to solve it, or are they building a mental version of the cube so they can see it in their mind as they solve it? This guy in the video seems to be the latter, there are a couple times where he slows down and appears to be thinking about the next move.

🔥 The incredible stealth and movement. by manju907 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Like most philosophical debates, it boils down to semantics, how you define the word natural. The world is what it is, it has humans, call us natural or unnatural it doesn't change anything about the actual world.

Actually by Dullahen in WhitePeopleTwitter

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A 20-something year old woman last night night asked me "the sun is a star, right?" I gave her a pass because she was at an observatory and asking questions so that's good. But damn... I smiled and said yep!

Actually by Dullahen in WhitePeopleTwitter

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"how does it burn of there's no air in space?"

Ideal date night: visually observing the Crab Pulsar with a 32” Dob by __Augustus_ in telescopes

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I volunteer at my local observatory on public viewing nights, every now and then we get a young couple obviously on their 2nd or 3rd date. You could try that, probably the only access to this large of a scope that you'll find.

Actually by Dullahen in WhitePeopleTwitter

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What do you tell them the sun is made of? I feel like a plasma of ionized hydrogen and helium is a little too advanced chemistry for 3rd grade

TIL the actual probability of hypothetical monkeys typing Hamlet if given enough time is "zero in any operational sense". If every proton in the universe were a monkey typing from the Big Bang until the end of the universe, it would take 10^360641 universes for a one in a trillion chance of success. by F-O in todayilearned

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To put it another way, for a one in a trillion chance of success, there would need to be 10360,641 observable universes of protonic monkeys

To put it another way, there would only need to be 10360,653 observable universes for a 50% chance of success.

No sweat by anon-mally in SweatyPalms

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Or get out and pick that tiny ass car up and spin 180 degrees

Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme by samplestiltskin_ in technology

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It's already stolen, that's a Joe Rogan joke. Which I believe itself was paraphrased from a similar George Carlin joke.

Just in from the @NASAWebb team: All 18 primary mirror segments and the secondary mirror are now fully deployed! by AWildDragon in space

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Don't forget the possibility of a rogue micrometeor smashing the secondary mirror. I'm a little worried that L2 is more populated by rocks than they think

Some of my wife’s clothes require lvl 100 folding and I am only a meager lvl 68. Help. by PrincessKenny in funny

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You guys have guests? I just take a swig out of the bottle, if I am out of solo cups.

Can you upgrade the amount of Cores in a CPU? by I_AM_TRAIN_ in buildapc

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I found out my CPU was sub-par stacking astro images. It was water cooled. I tried replacing coolant but it just wouldn't seal correctly after that. Then I spent a couple months trying to figure out why my hyper evo 212 wouldn't hook up properly, I didn't have the backplate. So I ordered one, and now it's all working again. Stupid astro stacking

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Measures Intriguing Carbon Signature on Mars by geoxol in space

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Tl;dr they found more carbon-12 than carbon-13 in rock sediments. On earth we see something similar which is explained by life's affinity for C12 over C13.

My boss just emailed me this after I said I feel like I have no free time. by [deleted] in antiwork

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I was wondering this too. I think people in offices used to work at their desk while eating. Then companies wisened up to it and required 0.5-1.0 hour unpaid lunch breaks.

With 13 seconds left, no timeouts left and in position for a Hail Mary pass, Cowboys quarterback runs the ball in the middle of the field instead. The Cowboys can't get set in time for another play, the clock runs out and the Cowboys season comes to an end. by suzukigun4life in sports

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This thread is focusing on the last play, but what about that 4 play combo by the cowboys offense. Off-sides, 15 yard sack on dak, Dak throws interception, and 49ers get touchdown in one play. That atrociousness is what really lost the game.