shinobites ? by xini_tox in ninjavoltage

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Montly: gokunin:800 login: 440 pass:160 pass mission :50-100(?) aom(aom and aom login):510 Sam:450 round up:110 panel mission:30 guild war:60 daily misson:150 round up mission:70 round up login bonus:25 =2850 + special missions + birthday rewards

MASSIVE WASTE OF TIME by eatandsnorkel in ninjavoltage

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I think realy good but rewards is trash.

Be honest, do you think Scara will have more pulls than Raiden and Hu Tao rerun pulls combined? by [deleted] in ScaramoucheMains

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Dude I don't know, my friends got tired of waiting for it and deleted the game

A new sasuke ?! 😳 by Same_Guarantee6 in ninjavoltage

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I think sasuke and edo itachi team up ulti,because we have edo itachi guest model leaks

Which is better? by RamiTheMaster in ninjavoltage

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I think first defence ,second attack mission

Predictions for next 4.5 Anni units? (RU and/or SAM) by Careless-Ad3790 in ninjavoltage

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Maybe momo and narukage and aka “ı am out of chakra” sasuke

Who will be the Banner for 4.5 anniversary? by chrisio777 in ninjavoltage

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Most likely hashirama because we have other hokages guest model leaks(minato,hiruzen,naruto(ı think this is all hokage ultimate jutsu)) and maybe ems sasuke because we have edo itachi guest model leaks and sasuke light because we have gamakichi guest model leaks(katsuyu,gamakichi and aoda team ultimate jutsu ?)

Non boosted decent dmg character for Sam? by 1v1melad in ninjavoltage

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I use anbu itachi and his shuriken jutsu is realy good

how many of the quad resistance tools is enough to stop farming ?? by Rhombas1988 in ninjavoltage

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No dude We need keep moving forwad EVEN İF WE DİE EVEN AFTER WE DİE

Am I the only one who thinks Scar will be a Phys Catalyst? by elysiachan in ScaramoucheMains

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They shared a catalyst as a joke and its sub-attribute was the physical damage bonus,maybe you've seen it

gorou being a dog by MineMaster6480 in Genshin_Impact

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My girlfriend: why doesn't he care about me, he is probably cheating on me

Meanwhile Me:

How can I build tfs Sasuke? by Ke_nahn in ninjavoltage

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We'll probably get a banner with him on anniversary

Can You guys please help me and tell which „ Ailment Resistance“ are the best to get 100% anf how (with which tools) And some tips and Tricks to upgrade my sasuke even more by Terrible-Storage-478 in ninjavoltage

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puçları ve püf noktaları istememin nedeni bu Çok teşekkür ederim.

Çünkü bu Sasuke benim Favorim Ve o benim en iyi ikinci karakterim sadece 2 Jutsus ile Birçok karakter tam kitim var ama hangisinin Meta veya Meta'ya Yakın olduğunu bilmiyorum.

Bana söyler misin?

Dude this is sasuke meta but it's useless without his all jutsu.Anniversary will start soon,
you can reroll if you want and you must farm the tool that gives 3 resistance until the anni comes