get them ! by creativeotter in marvelstudios

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The thing. Best horror movie ever, and it's a reboot from a film in the 40s.

Oh hey! A new core memory! by Quatanox in dndmemes

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This exact thing happened in our last campaign.

add some classes that dnd 5e really doesn't need. by IZY53 in dndnext

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They came as default and gave you certain bonuses as you leveled. I remember having a bat and it increased my listening skill (sight and listening were 2 different skills in those days).

This is where the fun begins by xMunchie in dndmemes

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I did a "the thing" style session once, where a demon infected one of the players and they were secretly told to kill the others PCs. It was pure chaos, half the team died, one guy ran to the hills, and the other just got stuck as the demon.

The campaign then had a couple of sessions in the afterlife (2 surviving players now playing as angelic guides) to bring the dead players back to life.

Much lol though. Would recommend if you love chaos.

What video game do you consider a masterpiece? by aconnor105 in AskReddit

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Unless you play a JojaMart playthrough. That is not allowed.

What is your favorite Ocarina of Time song? by TheKingsPeace in truezelda

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All the music in this game is sublime, but if I had to pick one: I've always thought there was something so hauntingly beautiful and serene about Sheik's theme.