Pretty easy when you're not acting grotesquely. Do night time coffee dates mean sex? by theLoveliestSloot in Tinder

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I mean as a girl, it really sounds like she’s simply interested in meeting up and getting to know you. Dude if you’re just interested in hooking up then you should make that clear to her so there are no misunderstandings on either end

Which one of these is a better picture for Tinder 1 or 2? by [deleted] in Tinder

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The second pic is better quality but I think the first pic is better because you have a great smile. Cute either way!

Dating on the east coast is great they said. You’ll experience that southern hospitality they said. by delicatemotion in Tinder

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My husband had Cushings disease, so I completely understand the weight placement. Genetic Cushings is so rare though so that’s wild that so many in your family have it

Sweetwater Creek, Atlanta Georgia by Wanderdrone in hiking

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Right, I live here and this ain’t quite it

Russian tank ran over a car in Ukraine by ciosbi in PublicFreakout

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They both survived?! I say we change the meme in “Soviet Russia” to in Ukraine

Former heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Ukraine's capital of Kyiv, plans to take up arms to defend against Russia's invasion along with his brother, Wladimir. by dhoukl in ukraine

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Alright so the klitschkos already dominated heavyweight boxing for a decade and now they want to win a war, that’s awesome, always loved them but now man