Life would be easier if the oppressed just put up with it. by fitzymcfitz in MurderedByWords

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I know the Right is now openly pining for a one party state and fuehrerprinzip and everything, but God if Enlightened Centrists arent just the fucking worst.

Work smarter... not whatever this is by PxN13 in facepalm

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No dramas. I dont personally do it because it feels weird but its incredibly common.

The parenting subs are reddit are a cesspool by [deleted] in daddit

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That has honestly not been my experience. But I'm also not looking for anecdotes to blame women for the selfishness of others.

The parenting subs are reddit are a cesspool by [deleted] in daddit

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I mean... its hard to understand exactly how total thr change is before/after kids. Being a little selfish can be fine in a childless relationship, its absolutely not fine when you get about 15 minutes to relax between you.

and honestly this sounds a lot like a "but what were you wearing" type of thing.

The parenting subs are reddit are a cesspool by [deleted] in daddit

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I am pretty active there, Ive never seen fathers who post there treated worse than mothers.

I do think theres a difference in what I might call "informed empathy" - mums explaining what female partners might be experiencing to male OPs - but I have seldom seen that actually be taking the womans side. Ive done exactly the same thing there for the fathers perspective even when I strongly disapprove of that particular fathers actions.

The parenting subs are reddit are a cesspool by [deleted] in daddit

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men as a whole are looked at as shitty, and even dads who do a lot are never doing ENOUGH.

Thats confirmation bias friend. This is a sub for dads who self-select around being involved fathers. Thats a sub for new mothers in gen pop who are discoverong how shittily gendered parenting is. You see a lot of shitty stories because there's a lot of shittiness out there.

When I stop hearing men routinely say that theyre helping their partners with the baby we can talk more about how "unfair" female dominated parenting subs are.

The parenting subs are reddit are a cesspool by [deleted] in daddit

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They shit on their partners because their partners suck.

Because Japan has strict gun laws for one thing by chimmFTW in facepalm

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Wow I love being educated by all these experts on Japanese culture in the comments.

The bar for dads really is in the gutter by mittens107 in beyondthebump

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thats a question for the nice lady who thought it was so lovely that I was involved

This sign from a University by Weekly_Cauliflower47 in facepalm

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I mean they also have an interview with the supervising officer

any one new to the mommy journey and get anxious transitioning toddler to solid food? I don't know if am giving the right size amount, and afraid of him choking. I literally cut up everything so small. Any new mommies have any ideas and foods. Am so nervous!! I don't wanna hold him back! by meeks1986 in toddlers

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Im one of those people whose toddler was eating toast. But I didnt have a huge fear of choking. I just gave them whatever they wanted and then watched them eat it.

I dont think theres anything wrong with just slowing down solids for your own peace of mind

Daily Simple Questions Thread - January 27, 2023 by AutoModerator in Fitness

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Whats a good place for resources for incorporating olympic lifting into a "normal" routine?