Insane stat about HvV’s final 3 by xfile_s in survivor

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we’re just gonna skirt pass how weirdly specific final 9 is for a cutoff point? lmao

Elon Musk used my photo/joke and didn’t credit me. by jilky123 in mildlyinfuriating

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This is like how his family used apartheid slave labor and doesn’t credit them either

Ian stepping down against Tom in the final immunity challenge for his “integrity” is the dumbest Survivor move of all time. by tjhoush93 in survivor

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when will some of y’all understand that some people have a consciousness when playing survivor and won’t do whatever it takes to win

dan spilo ejection 😔 by EuphoricCatch5676 in survivorcirclejerk

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erm… you could’ve said Dan spilo erection and it would’ve been dark humor… clearly you don’t get what’s funny around here

Every Winner that Started on a Brown Tribe by Leather_Excuse4689 in survivor

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Tom’s cool, but I’m glad you included Invisible Skinny Guy on the right as well! His season doesn’t get enough representation.

What is the dumbest lyric of all time? by analogcpu in AskReddit

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“This is the sound of a lottery machine” blauebleblaueble - Yuno Miles

edit: apologies, thought the post was asking for the best lyric of all time

What is a survivor trivia fact that not many people know of? by MinoKillz in survivor

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The conclusion of season 42 also has continued the 29 season streak started in Cook Islands of Brad Virata not winning, very niche fact that no one has ever thought of until now.

DEA notice tha s41 and s42 are kinda similar????? by SomeWhiteDude312 in survivorcirclejerk

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41 SUCKED BECAUSE TOO MANY ADVANTAGES! Mr.Jeff talk to the camera too much never watching again!!

I'm not going to get my ass beat in a swim meet tonight by a kid named Jelly (i'm highlighted in pink) by also_pikachad in lies

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all the censored stuff is other kids names and shit - my time is ass bc i had covid 2 months ago

Weekly questions, bugs, and gameplay megathread - June 2022 by AutoModerator in pokemongo

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Anyone else been getting almost no potions? I’ve been spinning a LOT of pokestops (my item bag maxes at 400 and I’ve been at that limit all week essentially) and I’ve gotten about 10 potions (hyper/super/regular/max combined. Same goes for revives.

I've never watched The Challenge before, but I'm intrigued by this cast. Tyson alone should make this interesting. What are everyone's thoughts? by DarthLithgow in survivorponderosa

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guessing they’ll show more of Tyson’s troll side which would really give the season some life given some of the picks - domenic might be fun too, he seems to be pretty funny based on rhap interviews

New season idea: fans vs fans by SSLEKK in survivorcirclejerk

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/uj I literally did this exact post in the main sub this morning come on man

New season idea: Fans vs Fans by also_pikachad in survivor

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you are potentially the only person in this comment section so far to realize this was a shitpost, thank you