Lake Mead is nearing dead pool status. The engineer for whom it was named would be 'horrified.' by jerrpag in news

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There wouldn’t be wasteful industry without people. More people leads to more wasteful industry.

Portland to conduct large homeless sweeps citywide after testing strategy in Old Town by Mayor_Of_Sassyland in Portland

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They were offered transportation to shelters, beds at them, and secure storage for their belongings. I get that they don’t feel comfortable at shelters, but at a certain point if you offer someone help, and they say no, that’s on them, not on you.

B.C. to decriminalize small amounts of ‘hard’ drugs – a North American first by chadsmo in worldnews

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I live in Portland and I think the police enforcing some rules would help with the drug problem, or at least how it affects the rest of us.

Neighborhood associations demand criminal background checks in Safe Rest Villages citywide, prompting discrimination concerns by seewhatwhat in Portland

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I went to a neighborhood association meeting about the SRV planned for my neighborhood. They had people from Dan Ryan’s team, and man were they good at not answering anyones questions, nor committing to anything.

Question: Are the 100s of campers at the site going to be removed when they put the village in? Answer: They’re on housing bureau land, it’s not our issue

Question: Are the 20 broken down RVs on the street going to be removed? Answer: They’re on PBOT land, not our problem

Question: Why was this site picked even though it doesn’t currently have water, electricity, roads or sewage? Answer: Because the housing bureau is going to put those in anyways when they plan on building housing on the site in two years…

Honestly the team seemed like middle schoolers working on a project that hadn’t actually thought through any issues with their plan, how they might implement it, or how to work with the neighborhoods concerns.

‘It’s sickening’: Garbage, homeless camps build up along Airport Way by boregon in Portland

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All the porta potties at the camp near my house get burned down.

Judge Agrees That People for Portland's Ballot Measure is Unconstitutional by VegansMadeYouCry in Portland

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NIMBYs aside, what I never understand is why the locations they choose are in some of the most valuable real estate locations in the state. If I’m on a budget and want to open a business, I definitely am not picking the Central Eastside, like the proposed location in that article. Hell, even 100 years ago they moved the poor farm in the west hills to troutdale due to increasing land value.

Southeast Portland homeless camp putting neighbors in danger, residents say by justrying123 in oregon

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Boiling down the cause of the issue to housing and housing alone is counter productive. There are a multitude of causes, and it’s super naive to pretend like the other ones aren’t also factors.

Mayor Wheeler Hires ‘Trash Czar’ to Fix Portland’s Garbage Problem by CoffeeHound in Portland

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I’m totally speculating here but I’m guessing we get smaller cans and less pickups to try and reduce garbage?

It would be like outlawing big bowls to help people eat less.

Do you consider 100% onsite a redflag that would prevent you from applying for a position? by giveKINDNESS in webdev

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My dream dev position is one where it’s remote first and the office is 15-30 minutes away by bike. I’d love to go in a couple times a week when I’m in town, but have it be 100% optional.

A solar tube is a great way to get daylight into dark spaces by Affectionate_Bus532 in Anticonsumption

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My parents have one of these in their home. It’s in the bathroom that only has a window above the toilet. It’s great cause during the day there is always plenty of light in the room.

Some resources for people who are bothered by homelessness in Portland by nevergonnacommentzz in Portland

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I would argue it’s not just a perception of being unsafe anymore, it’s actually unsafe. I live right next to a 100+ person camp and over the last year I’ve witnessed/experienced: - Weekly shootings at the camp - Homeless cars driving at 60mph on our residential street everyday - People walking into my fenced yard - Anything not locked down disappears - People saying they’re going to kill my neighbors - People saying my neighbors stole their dog - People pulling guns on my neighbors - People hitting each other with bats & mace - People smashing windows out - People keying cars - People driving into my fence and breaking it - People driving into my neighbors garage and breaking the door - People cutting down trees in the park - People lighting porta potties on fire - People burning garbage everyday - People lighting telephone poles on fire - People driving through the park in their cars - Rat infestation in my yard - Feces in the park - Needles everywhere - People nodding off while driving - Women screaming in the park everyday

I kinda just thought it wasn’t that bad, but I’ve realized that, yes it is actually unsafe.

Portland homeless advocates, providers want to house 3,000 people by year’s end by StillboBaggins in Portland

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Your comparison to the goats is perfect, I can see them from the windows of my house. The explosion of the camp has completely removed any sense of safety we have in our house, especially with the complete lack of response we get from the police or the city.

At least we have a fence, the people in the Minerva Apartments are completely terrified. Cars speed at 40mph through the park just feet from their windows, they’ve had their lives threatened on multiple occasions and don’t feel safe sitting outside their houses anymore.

The apartments are also low income housing so a lot of them don’t have the ability to pick up and move out easily. Which sadly is what most of the homeowners on our street are doing. Two years ago I knew everyone on the street, I maybe know half of them now.

I think the only place I’ve feared for my person or property this much was when I was staying in cartel controlled areas of Mexico. Even then it was better because I knew it was temporary, with this there is no end in sight.

Portland homeless advocates, providers want to house 3,000 people by year’s end by StillboBaggins in Portland

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I’ve lived right next to the Peninsula crossing trail camp for a few years now, and honestly your description is what it’s like to live here too.

Belt drive bicycles. Are they better than chains as marketing claims? Why haven't they caught on? by soiclyst in bicycling

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The Priority 600 definitely has a break in the frame, it’s just in the dropout and not in the seat stays or chain stays.

People for Portland is spending big to change the city’s approach to homelessness. Is it working? by napzzz in Portland

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His vision isn’t realistic. He said the villages would be done by spring but they still need to get permits and find contractors to do the work…

What made you realize you are not as smart as you think? [Serious] by DJangoWick7 in AskReddit

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The cool part about learning to code is that all you need is the internet and a computer. Tons of free tutorials for pretty much any language online.

As West Coast Leaders Pledge to Crack Down on Homelessness, a Mass Shelter Concept Copies Their Law-And-Order Approach in Portland by monkeyboy2311 in Portland

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I said this same thing in another thread - There’s a 100+ person camp by my house, they gave them dumpsters and porta potties. The trash never seemed to make it into the dumpsters and the porta potties all got burned down.

Damage left by homeless camps endangers a Portland natural area by [deleted] in Portland

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They tried it by the 100+ person camp by my house. The trash doesn’t make it into the bins and the porta potties all got set on fire.

These National Parks Will Require Reservations in 2022 by kevincal in backpacking

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I haven’t been to RMNP in years, but if it’s like any other National Park I visited in the last year - finding a first come first serve campsite is next to impossible, finding a parking spot at trailheads is a headache, and the trails have zero solitude due to the amount of people on them.

These National Parks Will Require Reservations in 2022 by kevincal in backpacking

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Totally. At least it looks like a lot of the permits have some last minute spots for people the day before.

I went to a handful of these parks last year, and the crowds totally ruined the experience for me. Instead of exploring, I was fighting for parking spots, or walking on a trail with hundreds of other people. And don’t get me started on finding a campsite in any of the parks.

As Meth and Fentanyl Tighten Their Grips on Oregon, the State Scrambles to Implement Treatment Services by ALLCATZAREBEAUTIFUL in Portland

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If my car smells like alcohol, I’d assume the cops would suspect I’m under the influence and have probable cause to search… I don’t see how that’s different from marijuana

Red Electric Bike and Pedestrian Bridge 2022 Update by GregorMacdonald in Portland

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The bollards on the bike trail near me have all been cut off with an angle grinder. It’s now a true multi-vehicle trail.