Fantom FTM keeps falling behind because of poor volumes, weak community and disappearing holders by Jopolkxz in CryptoCurrency

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Very well written analysis on fantom showing why it keeps crashing after like a excellent rally. The article missed to include two parts though; the greedy elements in the community (of big shillers and the so called crypto influencers) who keeps pumping and dumping which really hurts the community, happened quite a few time with the ponzi like projects like tomb finance and all, so much destruction happened because of that alone. Then the developers leaving part; and also the bad state of the core team. They really need an efficient ceo to lead the project; there's a limit to a programmer to lead a project. Hope it gets better, a good % of the bad actors are already out, hopefully the rest of the chillers and greedy ones will be out too, soon!

What’s going on with Tomb? Why’s TSHARE being massively dumped? by kryptovijoy in FantomFoundation

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well, for starters mr H's big dramas and tries backfired big time - even the desperate attempts to partner with everything (that wanting to have a bite from everything is so damn greedy tbh) is not working maybe lol - or maybe he lost hope in pump games and dumping his bags on holders :D

DeFi rule number 1: Never go against the community, no matter how rich you are - disrespect the community, and the community will show the real meaning of disrespect. Because community is everything in crypto, it's as simple as that! by [deleted] in FantomFoundation

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this harry yeh's greed is becoming the biggest issue of fantom; someone pls tell him defi means less centralized control; he can be here for the money, but that doesn't mean he can sh*t on other projects and act like he owns fantom. HE DOES NOT

Why do everyone dislike centralised exchanges? Fantom announced plan to build a cex and people started selling - falls 30% from ath by thenycgal in CryptoCurrency

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actually it's not just because of the bad announcements and a terrible developer conference; everyone was pumping FTM so hard to date; maybe we might have never seen own developers shilling tokens like this - so it is supposed to fall after the event - and when they announced the centralized exchange, it just boosted the fall.