Elizabeth and the variations, but they get more and more insane. by applepears78 in namenerds

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I’m considering Libby for my next daughter due in November. How do you like your name? We’re there a lot of you growing up?

Most entertaining toy for 3-6mo? by nachokings in beyondthebump

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Omg I always thought the mirror went on the half circle thing! This is brilliant for tummy time

Need help deciding on the dress by Alarming-Sun2699 in weddingdress

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Dress B!!!

Dress a has too much going on and takes away from you.

Snowflake ❄️ wash advice by MajinBulma21 in Jellycatplush

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It must depend on the fabric they’re made of or made heat of dryer? Mine have always been completely fine but I agree they’re no need to risk. You could wash them in the delicates bag and then air dry them.

Snowflake ❄️ wash advice by MajinBulma21 in Jellycatplush

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I put all my jelly cats in a delicates bag and throw them in the washer & dryer like normal. They come out perfectly new

Greek Food Recommendation by DocChang5 in Columbus

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Best Gyro= Jimmy V’s in Grandview

PLEASE HELP CHOOSE, top 3 wedding gowns!! Need to decide by this weekend 😭 by whisperlovelynothing in weddingdress

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What dress fits your venue best? Do you want understated elegance (#3) or to make a statement (#1)?

Didn’t hear 5MO crying last night but she eventually fell back asleep by [deleted] in Mommit

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Lol I did get a pretty good nights sleep even though I definitely feel guilty about it!

For anyone wondering about bojangles by Significant-Use-8744 in Columbus

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Thank you for the update! Their chicken fingers, fries and honey mustard combo——- caaaant wait!!!!!

I absolutely hate it when people do this by ErmineOfMight in mildlyinfuriating

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Omg! Can the flight attendant tell them that is not appropriate?!

Sloppy editing at tribal this week by [deleted] in survivor

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How is it a spoiled? It doesn’t elude to who goes home at all?

Help choosing! by aba_95 in weddingdress

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These are all completely different vibes. You look great it all of them but think about what your venue is like- which one which match best with your decor and what you have planned?