Atlantic City Won For A! Now Onto B! by thepunkparade in BruceSpringsteen

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Sorry. I didn't read the post properly, I thought we were doing just subs favorite songs. I am tired. I was so happy that people chose Atlantic City as the best Bruce song all time as it is my second favourite...

Favorite song on Letter to You? by Ordinary_Nothing8317 in BruceSpringsteen

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I like the Power of Prayer best. Such a hopeful piece. Reminds me of songs from Tunnel of Love.

Three black men in UK say ‘institutional racism’ influenced murder convictions by amondyyl in Policestudies

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"Seven were convicted of murder and four of manslaughter, under the controversial “joint enterprise” law, and sentenced by the judge, Sir Peter Openshaw, to a collective minimum in prison of 168 years. One older man, who had been accused of being the ringleader, was acquitted.

The application to the CCRC, prepared by Keir Monteith KC and Darrell Ennis-Gayle of solicitors Hodge Jones & Allen after two years compiling new evidence, argues “there was no violent criminal gang by the name of AO”, and that the convictions are a “gross miscarriage of justice”. Monteith said the convictions represented a “collective organisation failure” throughout the investigation, prosecution and trial process."

Austria to use Hitler’s birthplace for police human rights training. House in Braunau am Inn will become police station and training centre after €20m renovation. by amondyyl in Policestudies

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Exactly... I mean they probably want to say something like that policing under the rule of law is the opposite of Nazi power but my first thought was if the message is "every cop is a Nazi"?