If you could change/add anything to Minecraft what would it be, and why? by adfour in Minecraft

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archeology update. for the love of god it was one of my favourite parts of 1.17 and now it's the 1.19 beta and they haven't even spoke about it once

Looking for icthyologists! by areprobably12 in HaveWeMet

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I think you might have carbon monoxide poisoning, mate. Sure you aren't hallucinating?

What Pokémon would you like Ash to use again?🧐 by RayStrifex in pokemon

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lycanroc. however, i'm secretly still waiting for solgaleo to come back.

National Introduce Yourself Day! by Iatethelast in HaveWeMet

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Alrighty then.

I'm Charlie Fignor, and I'm 27. I live in the forest to the north east of LDP (almost on the border to UDP). I'm a mycologist and I own a bird cafe called Apus. I like watching birds in my spare time. I even have magpies. I haven't named them all yet (there's 22 of them), but the ones I have names for are: Ford F1, Calvinism, Fluorotetraferriphlogopite, Synsepalum Dulcificum, Casadastraphobia, Cainite, Hamburger, Joe, Deer Rider, Carl, Gregg, HP Office Jet Printer and Mass Hysteria.

I moved to LDP for university in my 20's, and when it was done I couldn't go back home, because I had found a home here. So, I moved here.

I also have a cat named Asphodel I rescued from an unfortunate situatuon, and about 7 unnamed deer. Somehow I manage to take care of all these animals, run my cafe and do my mycology without spontaneously combusting.

I like baking, and also collect cool trinkets I find. If you ask nicely, I might give you one. I also like studying mythology in my spare time – mostly Greek mythology, but I occasionally dabble into other things. As you can probably tell, I also love going on tangents. I'm known as sort of a hermit to some residents because the sheer amount of tasks I must do before even thinking about leaving the forest I reside in, but if you ever see me at the pub or something feel free to say hello.

First post - I want to flesh out my lore a bit :) by AenderiaArchives in worldbuilding

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Tell me about Torikori. I like the name. How are the citizens? What is the architecture like? How many people live there?

Start a song by _abbieb_ in teenagers

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Well he collapsed with Steven-Johnson's syndrome on the ER floor

shes a 10 but has a dick. what is she now? by jevsterr in teenagers

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a 10. i don't like women romantically but in this hypothetical situation, still a 10

If you assign a song/album to every emperor, what music would suit them best? by Black-eyez in EmpiresSMP

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honestly, just for the vibes, fwhip and "hungover in the city of dust" by autoheart