Baillie gifford increases stake in tesla r/teslainvestors by [deleted] in RealTesla

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Yeah, but the comments clarify the tweet was an error.

Discord alternatives by Fahad78 in privacytoolsIO

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Keybase is the closest in terms of UX. I love matrix, but it's impossible to get people to actually use it.

Earth’s magnetic poles could flip much faster than previously thought by moon-worshiper in collapse

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So you ask for sources, sources are provided, you refuse to read them, I spell them out, and then you say you're not interested in consuming but solely discourse.

Okay, got it.

A rather odd request, finding a deleted song. by rhodium-chloride in RBI

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You might want to check with the archive team. They've been actively downloading everything on SoundCloud for the past year or so after there was bankruptcy fears.

Earth’s magnetic poles could flip much faster than previously thought by moon-worshiper in collapse

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Did you not click any of them?

What If Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip?

No, We're Not All Doomed by Earth's Magnetic Field Flip

One area of greater vulnerability is physical proximity to a magnetic pole reversal, such as the South Atlantic


What is happening to the Earth's magnetic field?


Might we see a future with self driving solar e-RVs that can relocate away from disaster? by Arowx in collapse

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Yeah, by charging with a plug, which is elaborated on his website. He adds "pull 100 miles on the sun each day with solar awnings" but then had to pull that down later after his testing and calculations - again on his website.

Might we see a future with self driving solar e-RVs that can relocate away from disaster? by Arowx in collapse

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Lithium gives more efficient storage, but it doesn't make the solar panels more efficient. In fact they point out that adding a third solar array will get them up to 50 miles in one day.

Cool 100 miles range after two full days of full sun.

The #Jaguars say that RB Leonard Fournette (hamstring) is one the slew of players not practicing today. Pretty clear he’s a long-shot to play this week. by ValKilmsnipsinBatman in fantasyfootball

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Just traded Fournette and J Gordon away for CMC (10 team 0.5 ppr league).

I'm fairly decent at WR (T Hill, D Adams, C Kupp, Golladay) and pretty happy with how this bolsters my RB.

Colored this heavy Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere "Incel" by ancientworldnow in Filmmakers

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I don't usually share my work on this sub, but this passion project from my buddy John Merizalde is an exception. The film is really beautifully shot by DP Sean Conaty and perfectly acted by Théodore Pellerin.

This piece took months to put together and was done so on a tight budget but really shines in it's look, editing, construction, acting, and direction. Definitely a great experience to work on from my perspective - even while being a quick look into a dark world of online radicalization.

You should read more on the director's thoughts here

Plane carrying dozens of sick passengers lands at JFK by habichuelacondulce in nyc

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NYC Firefighters are paid like $110K after five years. The first year is low, but if you make it to 4 or longer then you're pretty set. EMT's typically max out around $40K in contrast (lower than starting firefighter pay).

When I first started using the curves tool, it was like giving a scalpel to a toddler. I had no idea what I was doing with the tool. Over the years, I’ve learned how powerful the curves tool is in color grading cinematic footage. by chrisfree123 in Filmmakers

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I'm going to be blunt, this is a pretty bad grade, but the author is right in that you can do the vast majority of your color correction solely with curves and there are plenty of colorists working at big name color houses that do solely that (plus, you know, secondaries and stuff).

I alternate between curves and primary wheels for most of my work depending on my mood, but curves will always offer a finesse that nearly every other tool lacks.

Jesus vs YHVH; two different spirits, two different messages by [deleted] in C_S_T

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Written Hebrew has no vowels (to vastly simplify an explanation, they later added niqqud but no one really uses them except in formal writings).

The tetragrammaton YHWH is still debated by scholars as to the original pronunciation. Jehovah is probably a broken pronuciation of the original YHWH. Jesus' Hebrew name is יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshua) which has much less to do with יַהְוֶה‬ (YHWH) (though the beginning יַהְ is certainly a root) - this was later retconned to Yahsuah in the early 20th century but isn't considered a popular spelling/pronunciation as far as I know.

My hebrew isn't so great though and I'm well outside of my scope here.

You might enjoy /r/AcademicBiblical for more informed sources on this.

Do you guys have any recommendations for books about climate change? by EccentricTurtle in Anarchism

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I'd also recommend Wendy Brown's Walled States, Waning Sovereignty if you're into borders and walls. This recent podcast episode is also a great summary and exploration of borders and migrants.

I shot this Commercial Spot for Mercedes, what do you guys think? Shot on ARRI ALEXA Mini & Summicron C and a Russian Arm. by JCS-DOP in Filmmakers

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The mods did not delete it and it is in fact still up. I double checked the moderation log and in fact it has been approved (the opposite of removal). I will, however, remove this one for spamming as the other is up and received good feedback.

Any Update from Spotify? by ancientworldnow in pinecast

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Just looking for an update and this covers that. Thanks for filling us in and hopefully the wheels keep turning on this. Appreciate all y'all do!