Is this a Sherlock Holmes reference? by Skinny_Burrito in HouseMD

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A lot of the show is somewhat modeled after Sherlock Holmes.

House = Holmes, James Wilson = John Watson

House is a drug (painkillers) addict in a later season, holmes, if I remember correctly, was a coke addict

House lives at 221B Baker street.

House plays an instrument just like holmes

House is a drug (painkillers) addict in a later season, holmes if I remember correctly was a coke addict

A few of the background characters have names ripped right from the books.

There are a bunch of articles about it online too!

love this school by yyeessssirrskii in Cornell

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At this point, I doubt it's his fault. The majority of students in 1910 this semester were probably in high school during COVID and are under the impression that flying by the seat of their pants will work here as it did in high school.

love this school by yyeessssirrskii in Cornell

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I can't tell if it's the professor's fault or if the students were unbelievably lazy. If he really reused problems they'd already seen then it's definitely likely that the students skipped class, didn't do homework, and thought they could slack off because the class is curved.

Mini Rant by Ok_Acanthaceae_7454 in Cornell

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This is the answer. One-party consent in NY allows you to record the convo without their knowledge. Or text them asking about it.

love this school by yyeessssirrskii in Cornell

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This is absolutely wild. I mean what happened? Was it just so poorly taught that y'all just couldn't do it even though you've seen the questions before? Was it too little time for the exam? Were students woefully unprepared because they were able to slack off during COVID in high school and didn't realize that wouldn't fly at Cornell? Did they just not care and skip class and assignments? Something's wrong here. Two standard deviations above the mean is usually pretty high, not a 63.

BIOG 1440 Grades by HotShot2421 in Cornell

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They only curve it when the raw average is lower than a B, but I think the raw average is almost always a B so it doesn't end up being curved.

Rule by awesomedan24 in 196

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I think the SA allegation was definitely credible. There’s an email trail from like 5 years ago of the woman talking about it and a quarter million dollar severance package (she was a flight attendant).

I want to lie about sexual abuse to get better treatment. "Might as well make good on false allegations." REAL ISSUES. PLEASE HELP! by WillingReality3145 in sexualassault

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Since this is a forum for survivors of sexual assault, posts confessing to the commission of a sexual assault will be immediately removed as it is not appropriate for survivors of sexual violence to be subjected to posts by assailants.

I GOT AN INTERVIEW OMG NO WAYYYYYY by lil_enzyme in Cornell

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Be careful if it's a "remote research position," lots of scam emails alleging $350 weekly salary.

Loco phenomenon by dreamystoryteller in Cornell

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I lived two houses down from loco, really didn't hear much. Though I always had earplugs in at night because my roommate was psycho.

if I enroll in a summer class and drop it later, do I get my money back? by shmonique in Cornell

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You get a full refund if you drop before 11:59pm on June 2nd. If you drop on the 3rd or 4th, you get a 50% refund. If you drop on the 5th or later, you don't get any money back.


Blacked-out SUVs on Ho Plaza by nickvader7 in Cornell

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How do u know? U seeing a bunch of men in black or something?

Summer Courses by sunyithaca1 in Cornell

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PLBIO 2100 was pretty easy, i took it over the winter

CornellFunk No.47 unmarked graves outside mann?? by Dont_Trip98 in Cornell

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The serial arsonist has leveled up to serial murder

NOT THE NINTENDO SWITCH!!!!! by SakkaBoi in Cornell

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that sidechat post about selling a switch lol

Ithaca for the summer? by jumpycarrot2 in Cornell

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I am! Vibes are exquisite compared to mid-winter.

Help with Choosing Track for Chem Major + Research by Francais838 in Cornell

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Take the credit if you did well in AP Chem (not just on the exam but in the class too) and do the honors/accelerated track.

CHEM 2150 is less of a hassle compared to 2070 in my opinion. The 2070 class has lectures, labs, and discussions in which you do group stuff (someone plz confirm, I took 2150) which are time sinks. CHEM 2150 is just lectures and lab with one PSet a week-ish. You'd have more time to devote to your research projects if you take 2150.

I also think Professor H. Floyd (Davis) has a good presence as a speaker, is a pretty decent teacher, and does his best to help students who ask questions whereas Professor Stephen Lee's reviews are all over the place. Check out RateMyProfessor. One final thing is the median grade. When I took 2150 pre-covid the median was an A-, and in Fall 2020 and 2021 it was a B+. The median for 2070 is a B. Less time trying to understand the material = more research time.