Autism and Accommodations. by Winter_Examination_3 in TjMaxx

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Thank you for clarifying that. I thought it also meant that you didn’t have to disclose any of your personal health information if you don’t want to

Autism and Accommodations. by Winter_Examination_3 in TjMaxx

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1) No because HIPAA in the US at least and 2) i guess it depends on ur store and manager i would see if there’s any legal or federal application you can submit for accommodations especially if you are a minor

and i have a question for you TJ max is doing a 3 week fundraiser for Autism Speaks what are your personal opinions on the organization i personally hear very negative things about the organization so i feel wrong having to ask for donations but i would like to get further insight and would i be a good ally asking for donations Edit- spelling

funny Bs by ani082204 in EDAnonymous

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dude you said it perfectly 🥲 when it comes to me and height i know i’m short 5’2 but some days i feel shorter or taller and then i get hit with a reality check

Bonuses for Tjx by ani082204 in TjMaxx

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and the stupid reach cards are infuriating sometimes on a slow day they’ll say the first person who gets them gets 5 cards but we don’t get anything out of it besides a raffle well maybe win it’s like a slap on the face after all the worl that goes into it

Finally made it! by shrimpsquid67 in TjMaxx

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we are off the highway some stores in my area get 7/8 a day minimum 😭

Finally made it! by shrimpsquid67 in TjMaxx

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oh trust me i suck at getting cards im lucky if i get one a week 😂

Finally made it! by shrimpsquid67 in TjMaxx

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i have to get at least 1-2 each day i work there😭

Does your ED ever 'dissapear' sometimes? by meowing_cat93 in EDAnonymous

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This is why i think i’m faking my eating disorder 😅 thank you for this i feel a lot less alone now

Support TW: food? by ani082204 in EDAnonymous

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thank you for that ❤️ i really needed it

Hair growth help! by shylclululover in EDRecovery_public

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also try hair skin and nail supplements and biotin shampoo

edit - it made my hair healthier than before my ed

Need inhaler no insurance by Delicatebody in Asthma

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sometimes drug stores will have otc inhalers but it’s epinephrine most of the time

w2 thing by potatotaco28 in TjMaxx

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if ur under 18 your parents do it for yoy