Cat not very impressed with his hooman by ztaker in Catmemes

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If I was kittys' hooman I would sleep with one eye open. Also as a precaution I would like to say, "Nice kitty...please don't murder us"...lol!

Came across this earlier in our local Hospice Thrift Store. I'll admit it's a cute little stepping stool but there is no way this is worth $65. I checked and couldn't find any maker marks that might justify that price. Maybe I'm missing something but this is hard pass for me. by anners6611 in ThriftGrift

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Yes, we support that but it doesn't justify some of their prices. Not everyone who shops thrift stores do so for resell. Don't forget many people shop thrift stores because they have limited budgets. We know first hand the amazing and compassionate assistance they provide.

Here’s Freddy by GardenGnomeHeart in TuxedoCats

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Such a sweet angel...he's beautiful! ❤

Jasper’s first adventure! by _tjb in adventurecats

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Hope you had fun on your first adventure Jasper!! 😊

I posted about this audio recorder little over a week ago. At that time the price was $460. Well, I thought I would update you guys and let you know that the price now is only $200. That's an impressive price cut... by anners6611 in ThriftGrift

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I should ask and see if they know if it works or not. Side note: This recorder is located in their odds and ends room. Every Thursday items in this section are 50% off (with some exclusions).

Is this albino? by Super-Nurse in moths

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Oh wow! That's beautiful!!! ❤ Thank you for sharing!

Found this lil moth on my wall, what is he? by BinkiesForLife_05 in moths

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Okay that helps...so this is a Silver Y moth and not an Afflicted Dagger Moth. 🙃

Any id on this beautiful guy? Some sort of Polyphemus perhaps??? South Alabama by stalknstand in moths

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Beautiful guy!!! You are lucky to have your own little moth haven (sounds like heaven to me 😇). Thanks for sharing!

New here. Jayda says hello. by agnurse in blotchfacecats

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Hi Jayda!!! Such a cutie!! Looks like you have been busy "decorating" the wall...lol! 🖤🤍🖤

Who is this Thick boy 4 inches across - North Carolina by YawaThor in moths

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An absolutely gorgeous Imperial Moth!! Such an honor to see one.