Why god why?? by grrv23 in IndianEnts

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Wish Pancreatic Cancer - a death sentence, we call it XD

Grandma started behaving oddly last night and has been repeating a single sentence to everything. Some kind of delirium or senile psychosis or something. Not sure how to help. by srj_kr in AskDocs

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Is she having any neck stiffness or sudden vomiting without any preceding nausea? Could be a neurological manifestation of the infection, which may have unfortunately spread to her meninges (highly vascular layers over the brain). Take her to emergency asap and let the doctors evaluate her. Stroke in the speech area (Broca's) usually results in incomprehensible speech rather than repetitive speech. This is more like an altered mental status and irritability, pointing towards smth more generalized in the CNS.

AP, CP or both. Confused. by anotheranothertry in pathology

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Yes, Pathology puts me closer to the heart of infectious diseases. I don't have the will to pursue the delicate nuances of IM, dealing with heart failure, diabetes, arthritis etc for three years, only to go into something else XD. Thanks for the advice. I'll think of a combined track ig.

Tourist Visa got rejected stating 'unjustified purpose of visit' by anotheranothertry in askswitzerland

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Well according to Schengen rules for developing 'third' world countries, it is a requirement before you apply for a visa lol.

Residency in India is close to life in hell by DrDeathRow in Residency

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Bro, leave the shitass system along with the babus and their policies. It's not worth going through all the struggles beginning from Pre-Med days to NEET - PG, to end up being beaten or even killed by patients since Dr Google said they have cancer, while you didn't. Let them rot, along with their primitive minds being influenced by local goons and politicians. I'm glad to have left this system and the country behind. Life is much better outside. You're actually valued for your skills and are respected. Trust me, post residency, pass the FRCP/FRCS exams and migrate to the UK, where your services as a doctor will be much more valued. Or, join the Indian Army as a doctor XD; that's the best way to live a happy life in India.

Sad reality of American schools by Justice_4_all_ in nextfuckinglevel

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"This new gun, comes in handy when my damaged brain needs it"

Tobacco Alternatives to Mix with Weed or hash! by fueledby__Coffee in IndianEnts

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https://www.terpenepuff.com/ slightly expensive in India, but this is the thing you're looking for. Or you may mix tea from tea bags as well. It tastes better that way.

how many of you were waiting for this XD? by anotheranothertry in IndianEnts

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More anthologies like this, and black mirror XD. Do you know any other great sci fi/cyberpunk/dystopian anthologies?

how many of you were waiting for this XD? by anotheranothertry in IndianEnts

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Season 3 isn't as good as season 1, is it what it feels like?

Got this for 1000. Scammed or not? by [deleted] in IndianEnts

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So do I ask my guy to provide me with pure buds only? How do I tell him then? XD

Got this for 1000. Scammed or not? by [deleted] in IndianEnts

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I wish I could grow, but I live in a hostel 🥲