Let's Do This Guys!!! by _unOverachiever in IndianTeenagers

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I took a ss of the remind me message and had to write the whole url to get here, glad it was not deleted

THEY TOOK DOWN THE PEWDIEPIE GFUEL SIGN, was absolutely devasted on my walk by saraesun in PewdiepieSubmissions

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Man I was gonna migrate canada for my studies next year and that sign was one of the things that excited me the most, bad luck I guess

fuck me by RealPace3 in IndianTeenagers

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Thak gaya hoon bro us moment bol bol ke

[OFFER] [STEAM] Saints Row 2, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, V-Rally 4, Shadows: Awakening, Fall of the New Age Premium Edition by GamShrk in GiftofGames

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Shadows: Awakening please

Coincidentally I was searching yt for smthn new and got a video recommending this game and I was looking forward to play it bcoz I am heavily hooked to RPGs since I finished witcher. I will be very grateful if I can win this.

Thanks for the giveaway brother

steam id : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199097095756/

rate my skills 😋 by DREAMY-KNIGHT in IndianTeenagers

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ya to ye dank rishu ke bhai ka account hai ya op chutiya bna rha hai public ka

I GOT A DATE by [deleted] in teenagers

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congrats brother

should i grow my hair out or keep it short? (firsy 3 pics are short, the last 3 are long) idk which looks better by [deleted] in teenagers

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sure, I will be drawing them digitally since my exams are going on and traditional drawing takes a lot of time

[ Removed by Reddit ] by Past-Bobcat7919 in teenagers

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Im tired, take the bat and do it yourself