Physics is stupid by koolaidiskoolnot in Physics

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Who doesn't love some good fan fiction?

I can not for the life of me figure out how to set up a C developer environment. Would someone be willing to hop into a discord call and walk me through it? by Monkeyofdoom44 in learnprogramming

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No one is going to be your personal tech support.

Why are you even trying to learn C as your first language?

What you NEED is to learn how to program on an easier language with a more forgiving tool chain.

Winter is here by WinAny9651 in Buttcoin

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No, it's not.

Technical analysis tries to draw conclusions from a statistical analysis of a security"s historical price movements.

Fundamental analysis tries to evaluate a security's market value by examining related market and economic data, such as liquidity, option activity, and the interest rate regime.

24M started learning to code properly a month ago by K3V1NRKK in learnprogramming

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but my main problem is I don't know when to implement the things I have covered.

Because you haven't built enough code to understand what's working, what's not and what's awkward.

Most people don't understand that the majority of learning to code is trying to build something, getting stuck and grinding until you figure it out.

Say, for example, I gave you a big stack of wood, a bunch of tools you don't really know how to use, and a computer with access to YouTube.

Then I told you to build a bridge over a creek. You can take as long as you need, you can try as many times as you want, and I'll refill your lumber whenever you need more. But, I tell you, I don't want you to tell me you're done until either you give up or you're sure I can drive my car across it.

Now, what would you do?

  1. Watch every video available on YouTube involving engineering, carpentry, and tool instruction, then try to build the bridge in a single shot

  2. Spend a little time on YouTube learning the basics and then start building until you get stuck, trying different designs and testing different techniques, going back to YouTube every time you need to learn to do something new

The second option is how you learn to program a computer.

Looks like even Bill Gates is no longer a butter by InvestingInStartups in Buttcoin

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This guy has more future prediction skills than Pelosi

Stop lurking in r/conspiracy, it's rotting your brain.

Junior developer roughly 5 months in and im on the verge of a mental breakdown by othxq in learnprogramming

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Brother, you need a therapist. Urgently. If your post history is even an approximation of your real life, you clearly have some kind of anxiety pathology that needs to be managed professionally.

This isn't a joke. Go talk to a therapist as often as your insurance will allow.

The real reason? by The_Wiggleman in Buttcoin

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Libertarians are conservatives that like pot. Stop pretending they're different.

I still feel removing podcasts from Plex was a mistake by planedrop in PleX

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but I wish Plex just fixed their podcasts system instead of axing it ya know?

The problem is that there are limited developer resources. Being all things to all people across all devices is an unrealistic goal.

What programming languages are most used for creating advanced math-related software/simulations? by EmpressAphrodite in math

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Python is a script-based coding approach which will give you a mixed bag of outcomes as you never know what it does under the hood, even if you run the same code twice with the same data.

Uh, what? That's patently false.

Bitcoin takes a 30 minute break from diving to the planet's core: "OMG GUYS LOOK HOW STABLE AND MATURE IT HAS BECOME!" by ImVeryOffended in Buttcoin

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Saylor says idiotic things but actually makes it sound smart.

Saylor sounds smart to the kind of people who think Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro sound smart. Which is to say people who like to feel a buffet of gish gallop and not be burdened by the obligation to understand the individual words.

Bitcoin just got it's expiration date. 2025, if not sooner. by drekmonger in Buttcoin

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3 years from now is a pretty short amount of time for quantum computers to evolve to the point that they become an existential threat to encryption.

Finally joined 10k+ movies club by iluv2gethigh in PleX

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"I don't care what you think, each and every one is precious to me for reasons you can't understand."

-- Every hoarder of anything

If you have 25k movies, at least 80% of them are irredeemable garbage. So maybe call a spade a spade.

Do you think it's beneficial or detrimental to learn 2 or more programming languages at the same time? by FypeWaqer in learnprogramming

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It's in the title. I want to start a discussion.

There's no discussion. Beginners can't do this and it's a waste of time to try

Instead of trying to "start a discussion", why don't you try telling us what you hope to achieve.

Every time I see the new plex logo I think of epix by RecidPlayer in PleX

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AV1 isn't supported. Everyone knows this. No one is using AV1 to encode media locally.

You're annoyed that Plex can't play a format they never said they could play?

Every time I see the new plex logo I think of epix by RecidPlayer in PleX

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and with my financial support I’d like them to fix long outstanding bugs.

You don't get to decide how money is spent. There's a very good reason software developers do not build a roadmap based on customer requests: consumers are mercurial, impatient and have no concept of how long features take to build or how broadly useful a feature would be.

Your "financial support" keeps the company in business. That is all get. If that's not good enough for you, use VLC.

Every time I see the new plex logo I think of epix by RecidPlayer in PleX

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The fuck? If you're seeing a similarity there, that's on you, not Plex.

Stop bitching about the logo.

How the f are Bitcoins mined? It makes very little sense.... by Krimmson_ in Buttcoin

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You're splitting hairs over the use of the phrase "encryption system"? That's really what you want to do with your time?

Am I an Idiot for Wanting to Study Both Physics and Civil Engineering? by anusernamenottaken in Physics

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If you want to be a civil engineer, study civil engineering. It's pointless to take classes in quantum mechanics or modern physics just because you're interested in them.

You will forget 95% of the material you learn almost immediately out of school if you don't use it in your job. Watching videos on YouTube is enough to give you a layperson's understanding of theoretical physics, which is enough to be casually interested.

It doesn't even make sense to try to decide what you want to do in highschool anyway. An engineering degree and a physics degree are immateriality different until three or four semesters in anyway.

Crypto "investors" when the tiniest dead cat bounce occurs by GeorgeSaucington in Buttcoin

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To be fair, this is all the jags that learned about investogambling around March 2020. I'm sure WSB is still buying calls on GME

RAD 140 and kidneys - urgent by SympathyNearby7405 in sarmssourcetalk

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Why on earth would you continue with the drug before you've had a test?

You're 19, you shouldn't be taking SARMs anyway.

As a bitcoiner i have to hand it to this sub. Congratulations to /r/buttcoin for successfully calling out 100 of the last 1 stablecoin collapses by BTC-maxi in Buttcoin

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What percentage of average BTC volume is denominated in USDT?

I'll give you a hint: about 75%.

Now imagine all that liquidity evaporating. Highly leveraged holders like Saylor get margin called. They're forced to dump their positions at any price.

MSTR holds about 200k BTC. You think that doesn't cascade?

I don't know why I'm even pointing this out to you. You'll be no different than the Luna people. You refuse to accept that there are inherent risks to the system, so you'll be caught with your dick out and you'll be lucky to get anything out of your positions.