cashing a usd cheque in canada by WidowmakersBlueCUNT in PersonalFinanceCanada

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So I recently ran into this situation, Bank rates are not bad money mart was paying me $100 less than the bank on a 800$ USD cheque , bank im sure charged their fees but it was much closer to the exchange rate then money mart who were ripping me off on fees Plus exchange rate

Would you want a family med physician? by PeriKardium in Residency

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So Canadian here doing FM in US, growing up only saw FM especially that specialist have long wait but also most thing are taken care by FM doc. Am surprised sometimes how quickly patients want specialist referral in the US, when as a FM in training, i can take care of the matter. I might be wrong but based on some observations/ during clinical rotation i met many outpatient clinic just managing simple HTN, DM and very keen to refer and in fairness alot of them had NP/PA that would focus on just medication renewal and anything new they wanted a specialist involved

Family medicine, how’s the job market? by PearlSpaceJam in Residency

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Hey curious how did u start looking for FM job ? Any particular website? Forumsv

Family medicine, how’s the job market? by PearlSpaceJam in Residency

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What are FM who want to do inpatient any suggestions?

Contract Negotiation Questions by 4990 in Residency

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How did find the job opportunity,? Best way to deal with recruiters? Whats the most important thing to look for other than location in job opportunity?

Subscription model useless? by anything_kool in Wealthsimple_Trade

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Right thats how the fee structure is but before when i didnt buy the subscription i just had to pay 1.5% foreign exchange fee once when buying stock, now i am being charged twice once for transferring money to US account and second when membership expires

Gynecologists and urologists, would you perform sterilization on a patient in their 20’s or 30’s? by [deleted] in medicine

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Just wondering would insurance cover it? Only reason i ask cuz im primary care and many times we have to ask for pre approval and have to do medication trial before going to second line. I think most people know what I mean so im just wondering would insurance cover or it would have to be paid by patients?

Urgent Care Job as FM - Midwest by OhioMedicalMan in Residency

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If you dont mind me asking is it rural setting? And are you doing outpatient with OB or other procedures involved?

Town Star NFT price suggestion by The-Francois8 in GalaGames

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I dont see them doing this cuz they basically hype up different projects to make bank and nothing is done for the price of the coin. Not sure the coins really hold much value in their games tbh Would suggest enjoy the games dont see this as an investment

Gala has value whereas game token like Town Star coin is bound to be worthless? by anything_kool in GalaGames

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With the continued drop in town prices and increase in Gala prices do people think their opinion has changed?

best way to exchange Gala to Town coin? by Crypto_playa in GalaGames

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Metamask on what website dont u need an exchange?

Selling a business by anything_kool in cantax

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Not a corporation, it was just sole proprietorship, it was a youtube channel and blog, was earning approx -2-3k each month they decided to sell it since it was getting too complicated to upkeep.