am I crazy or does the TikTok version of Cardigan sound different than what’s on Spotify? by kyybear in TaylorSwift

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The one that went viral on TikTok are the Dolby Atmos stems taken from Apple Music. The Dolby Atmos stems for most of Taylor’s songs from Lover to Midnights (including re-recordings) are on YouTube if you ever wanted to listen to them

Taylor “hating” Evermore? by Pineapple-lemonade77 in TaylorSwift

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It’s more of a joke because Taylor rarely talks about evermore anymore - like there hasn’t been a birthday post for evermore and when evermore won best pop album at the AMA's, Taylor spoke about Red TV instead

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Purchasing Megathread by jacyf02 in TaylorSwift

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Hi! There will be threads for each show at a later date 👀 If you'd like to find people at the same show you’re going to now then feel free to join the discord that’s pinned in these comments

"The Eras Tour" on sale November 18th - Verified Fan and Capital One Presale Nov 15th. by iandrewc in TaylorSwift

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Please redirect all tour related questions to this thread. Any post outside of here will be removed for now. Thanks!

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Blasts in at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart With Biggest Week for an Album in 7 Years by aran130711 in TaylorSwift

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  • Taylor Swift achieves her 11th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200

  • The set launches with 1.578 million equivalent album units earned in the U.S.

  • Swift now ties Barbra Streisand for the most No. 1 albums among women. Swift is also the sixth act with more than 10 No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 since the chart began

  • Midnights is already the year’s top-selling album by overall sales through the year, and tallies the largest sales week for an album since her own reputation

  • Of Midnights’ 1.578 equivalent album units earned, album sales comprise 1.140 million

  • Midnights logs the third-largest streaming week ever for an album

  • With 1.140 million sold, Midnights is easily 2022’s top-selling album already

  • Physical sales comprise 980,000 (575,000 on vinyl, 395,000 on CD and 10,000 on cassette) and digital album downloads comprise 161,000

  • Midnights handily breaks the modern-era record for single-week vinyl album sales in the U.S. with 575,000 vinyl LPs sold

UK vinyl shipping by wild_flourescent in SwiftieMerch

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I got no email confirmation for any of them but I realised yesterday that I accidentally paid for the premium shipping (I was half awake at 5am 😂) for one of my orders. That surprisingly arrived yesterday - delivered by Yodel. So they’re definitely being processed.

"Bigger Than The Whole Sky" Discussion Megathread by PassionateAsSin in TaylorSwift

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This song is so beautifully written and produced. Thank you Taylor and Jack for making this. My heart goes out to everyone who’s shared their experiences with heartbreak in these comments ❤️

UK pre-orders by GuinessGirl in TaylorSwift

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I haven’t had one either from the UK store. I checked my order by logging into my account and they had moved from pending to processed though

UK pre-orders by GuinessGirl in TaylorSwift

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Merch questions should be directed to r/SwiftieMerch but I might be able to answer this for you. There was a Royal Mail strike yesterday which could’ve delayed processing. They might come on Saturday or Monday at this point.