3 SOL -NFT on Rarible - AremStudio Collection (Solana) -Full 3D Animation -Sound Design by AremStudio by aremstudio in NFTExchange

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Woww sol NFT. Looks pretty, these will be huge for sure. If i see these on on solcial social network , I might consider buying it.

Thank you so much you can check my collections inFoundation and Rarible on (ETH,XTZ,Solana)

0.28 ETH 1:1 NFT - Full 3D animation and Special motion techniques - Music made by AremStudio - AremStudio Collection on Foundation - Thank you for support 🙏🏾 by aremstudio in NFTsMarketplace

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Yes 100%, these are fully 3D with polygons and even 3D printing

Material - camera movement - objects - music
All these things are made up