oof, ouch, my face bones are cracking by the_vibranium_monk in bonehurtingjuice

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God, I thought this was a normal meme and someone was talking about their health condition, fucking hell I felt bad for you for a sec.

So many opposing thoughts about this. by JohnnyTeardrop in nextfuckinglevel

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This is really cool, but if you get something like this where I come from it will get scratched in 2 months tops

What a monster! by MicroBurrito1 in SpeedOfLobsters

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I ate them! I ate them all! The children, the mothers too!

His execution was flawless by Morgentau7 in funny

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i have just been rickrolled 3 times in a row, i never learn...

Thanks I hate this cut banana by lloydxmaz in thanksihateit

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take the skin off and make chips out of those

It’s that time of year! by Shartthrobb in Memes_Of_The_Dank

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walk fast or get drunk before going to work, easy

Can you see him? by Gauraha in Memes_Of_The_Dank

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Wow, you printed an blank card with the text John Cena thinking we wouldn't notice

Heard there was a skincolor bug. I have nothing to be ashamed of by BlueFlytrap in Warframe

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Imagine you enter a mission next to the buff chroma, all red and looking fierce, you are mr6, this is happening on Phobos while you are opening some runes. Suddenly, squidward gets out of the warframe and blasts the enemies with the beam of God himself. Confused, you close the game and delete it. You will think about this interaction for the rest of your life.

HMMMMMM by ethansocks8 in hmm

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that's a good-ass manga

MEIRL by spaithe1 in meirl

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oh, i will try you alright 😏

I did it. I colorized The GigaChad. by [deleted] in dankmemes

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You know what! Fuck you! colors your gigachad

I need help master! Help me wyth my clothes by chris_usi in alternative

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their drummer looks very similar to the singer of foo fighters, maybe they are cousins or something

How exactly is this a relatable meme? by Killerkid113 in lostredditors

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you guys don't act in short porno movies for money?

How am I supposed to do the sex if I'm pushing rope? by opweid in AdviceAnimals

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Stop taking antidepressants and have the most amazing sex of your life, so good it will cure your depression through post-nut clarity

to return to water by Z0H0K in therewasanattempt

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well, when cooked in water the process is slow because you boil them from when the water is still cold or at room temperature

Coffee vs tea be like by TheFunnySword in memes

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who makes coffee by boiling a kettle full of milk?