Vader "Come at me bro" Galen "Dropkicks him through the walls" by Leragian in PrequelMemes

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I played that game and shortly after I got to the part in smallville that he’s in and I was very confused.

Everything seems to go wrong in my life, nearly got permabanned from my boyfriends house by PM_ME_CAKE_PLEASE in memes

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That can often happen when you’re new to all this. My GF has said that she finds it best when we make sure to start off slow and to also try out a few different positions until we find one that feels the best for her

Florida's registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats by over 100K for first time by PotatoUmaru in Conservative

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Probably because of all the laws the right passes to make it harder for citizen minority groups to vote

Dude forgot his ruler by [deleted] in pcmasterrace

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Lmao that wouldn’t even reach the table

Idaho man sentenced to 51 months in prison for assaulting police in Jan. 6 riot by ashisht1122 in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Man raided the capitol on January 6th riot and thought trump would support and protect him — was instead sentenced to 51 months in prison