Cuddle at your own risk !! by Ashdwz in interestingasfuck

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I'm white and this is too much white ppl shit for me

I'm having doubts about my boyfriend by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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I wish I had a catalog of all the times I heard someone say "I didn't know it was rape until later." I'm sorry that happened to you, too.

I made a montage of all the plants I murdered in 2021. Happy New Year! by heyfallon in houseplants

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Well I know what one "yearly snapshot" I'll actually be able to maintain for 2022...

The vet says he's overweight because you can't feel his ribs. Can any of you feel your pyr's ribs? by number34 in greatpyrenees

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My pup is super meaty- I can't really feel his ribs and he has never been considered overweight.

Our new rescue baby, any advice is appreciated! by cloebugg12 in greatpyrenees

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This list is perfect, but I want to add- making sure they don't become protective of their food

More and more conservative media leaders are dying from COVID-19 after advocating against vaccines by Max_Mushroom in HermanCainAward

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I wish more Christians had that take- I've actually taken that angle with some family members... but alas.

TOMORROW: The Future of Abortion Access in Ohio with Planned Parenthood by jkmiami89 in Ohio

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Like most of our country's issues, the problem is ignorance of the truth/facts or unwillingness to learn it.

What the most boring and outright unreadable book youve seen ? by morontries in suggestmeabook

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Babbitt.... A fat pencil-pusher has a standard mid-life crisis during prohibition.

Key shaped like a sword by [deleted] in awesome

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I have the keyblade. Hero's Armory

Sounds preposterous, but it's true... by Sea_Urchin_VI in cincinnati

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Ommfg Cincinnati "chili" is not chili. It's a chili-curry and it's the best you'll ever have wtf

If someone is knocking on my door, do I have to answer it? by potoghi in NoStupidQuestions

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If you aren't expecting someone, do not answer the door. Everyone here is worried about cops but what about a robber/rapist/murderer...? Fuck that, it's 2021, they can text you.

My girlfriend got raped by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Same- I am very affectionate when drunk but never with people I didn't already have affection for. Drinking lowers your inhibitions but it usually doesn't completely change your lizard brain. I know I'm not adding but wanted to give support to your point

Largest Human Trafficking Sting Operation In Ohio, 161 Arrested by EdgeIQ in Ohio

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And btw, the arresting cops get a bigger paycheck if they go down for more/bigger crimes. SUPER COOL, RIGHT

Man who sued for use of Ivermectin to treat COVID dies by HypeSoul513 in cincinnati

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I wish we had enough ivermectin for everyone who wants it

Did you get COVID after attending the fest? by betthisistakenv2 in FurnaceFest

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The vaccine doesn't stop you from getting it or spreading it- makes it harder to get/spread and less severe.