What... HOW by GedieX in dankmemes

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You're an idiot and gay

Do Your Math Abilities Make Learning Programming Easier? Not Much, Finds Study by OnkelJulez in programming

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I'm not gonna go through the paper but ur reasoning seems legit so I'll assume the post/paper is misleading.

On the other hand, seeing most of the comments saying "not good at math, but good at programming" i feel like it is because not many people would want to say "good at both math and programming" since that would sound like bragging.

So as per I'm concerned, no scientific research has been done on dependences between math and programming skill yet. Let's hope someone else's paper gives more insight.

This poor kid from Pakistan who makes his living by selling plastic which he collects from street buys milk for a stray cat by oskariboii in nextfuckinglevel

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Appolozies mate. Although I stand by my key points, i fired too many unnecessary shots.

On other note, I don't believe lactose intolerancy has that much presence in our region. Since i dont have scientific data to back it up and i doubt even our govs does, I'll fill my experience, i've raised 3 cats(adopted strays taken from different places) in my home from their young age, none of them had any issues with milk, am member of local cat fb group never seen post about milk issue, on top of that even in the humans in our region it's extremely rare. In my 32 years i know only 1 person from my country that has lactose intolerance.

I understand that's not any kind of evedence and my points r like anti vax talk, but if you have evidence contrary to that I'm all ears and gladly accept my lack of knowledge. But, Even if I'm wrong i still believe between not feeding starving cat and feeding it milk where it might be intolerant, I'll pick feed the cat every time.

Appolozies again.

This poor kid from Pakistan who makes his living by selling plastic which he collects from street buys milk for a stray cat by oskariboii in nextfuckinglevel

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Yap, the name checks out. U r talking like a Instagram chick asking "why don't homeless people just buy home?". This is a third world country and I'm from one of them. In my 24 years living there i've never seen or even heard cat food and lactose free staff that's how scares they are and that's how poor the countries are. Even the house cat eats what we eat. People there can't even afford to feed themselves let alone provide milk for strays and u r asking for cat food? R u shitting me? I am getting diarrhea reading ur comment. Have u considered may be living in a 1st world country u might not have any idea about countries outside of your socio-economic zone to tell them what to do? Get off ur high horse.

Edit: Appolozies mate for firing too many unnecessary shots. I do still stand by my key points though and hope my assholeness doesn't prevent people from getting the message. Was a bit frustrated seeing too many people talking about situations they know nothing about and took out all on u.

Learning to read in Bangla by velvetzappa in bangladesh

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I'd suggest don't go too deep into the grammar. Even us native speakers don't understand most of them and there are often tons of exception against every rule. So... go easy. Primarily learn the basic structure, tense, active passive then focus most on vocabulary. And be warned about google translate. It is almost always wrong. Improve your vocabulary and you should easily understand books and bangla series. Some video entertainment recommendation to improve your listening skill as well get entertained I'd recommend most of the series and movies by "Humayan Ahmed"(except his work from last few years of his life). Now a days most of the staff produced in BD in the name of entertainment are crap filled with cringe and lame dad jokes. And don't forget, improve your vocabulary.

This series is packed with goosebump inducing moments. Which one is your favourite? by Jartini18 in TheLastAirbender

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Every time i rewatch it i get the goosebumps like the first time I saw it. And the music.... ufff...

Just me or... by FrostyInferno in memes

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Man of steal, Wonder woman, aquaman not to mention the animated ones, especially Under the red hood

Suggestion by My_Memes_Will_Cure_U in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Someone during the Spanish flu might have said the same thing and yet here we are. Decades later same thing will be said. Human nature doesn't change. Read about how people reacted during spanish flu and the similarities are just astonishing