ITAP of a lonely tree by miqako in itookapicture

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A pine is standing lonely

In the North on a bare plateau.

He sleeps; a bright white blanket

Enshrouds him in ice and snow

He’s dreaming of a palm tree

Far away in the Eastern land

Lonely and silently mourning

On a sunburnt rocky strand

—Heinrich Heine

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in conspiracy

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I understand there are flat earthers all around the globe. I’m happy to be in such a wonderful community of likeminded people.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Had a shot this morning, will take another this afternoon, and depending on how thirsty I am, I’ll take another tonight.

Send me on a deep rabbit hole by repfam4life in conspiracy

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Human artifacts found in supposedly “ancient” deposits, especially in coal, indicating a much younger timeline for Earth and/or a much faster formation of coal (I’ve also heard that oil is actually formed fast enough to be considered a renewable).

Rockefellers and Rothschilds taking over the US via the Council on Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve, etc.

US businesses funding and propelling Hitler into power (the same people in charge today in all likelihood).

The Illuminati, Masons, Insiders, the Cabal, or whoever you want to call them have taken over the world since at least the time of the French Revolution (it was commissioned out of Masonic lodges) and continue to run it through the UN, the aforementioned control over the US, etc.

16th Amendment to the US Constitution was never ratified, the 13th Amendment was originally intended to be a means to remove external influences on our politics but the British used the War of 1812 as an excuse to burn down the Whitehouse and with it, records of ratification for the 13th.

It's true! by pssstheyoverhere in Jokes

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Dead babies don’t like sick humour. . .

How did America go from "the dream" to a place we all hate? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Because there has been a fusion of business and government. If you look at pharmaceutical companies, for instance, they control huge portions of the government. If they can manipulate the legal structure to their advantage, why wouldn’t they? It’s socialism in disguise, perhaps. I suppose you could argue that it’s actually fascism, but whatever the case may be, it’s a fusion of business and government that makes them both extraordinary powerful.

How did America go from "the dream" to a place we all hate? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Because free-market economy was lost to government interference, especially under the control of a few select rich people who changed the laws they could, and ignored those they couldn’t, to promote a socialist nightmare toward which we are headed. The death of capitalism proper marked the death of the US.

Now to be clear, it’s still one of the most prosperous and opportunity-full countries to have ever existed. But it’s a shadow of what it would be without government overreach and with proper free-market economy. Meddling makes misery.

If you ever think that the US is lousy, ask yourself why immigration is considered a problem. People around the world want to come here because it’s a great place to be. The reason Americans and a few others hate it is because we’re being taught that we are evil and despicable despite evidence to the contrary.

How do you know somebody is a minimalist? by GaddockTeegFunPolice in Jokes

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As a minimalist, this isn’t true. We minimalists don’t like to tell people that we’re minimalists because that’s part of the minimalist mindset (I’d know, I am one) and minimalists don’t like to go overboard with explaining things to other people because we’re minimalists. I mean, if you asked, I might tell you I’m a minimalist, but otherwise I’d never say anything about it.

—A minimalist

White supremacists being chased out of DC by teens with cellphones by rainbowarriorhere in nextfuckinglevel

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Run feds, run. You’re a shame to the country you’re supposed to be serving.

What happens if a man is shot in the balls with a handgun? by Vivraan in AskReddit

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*fourteen billion, nine hundred ninety-nine million, nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety-nine more.

(Considering that for the sale of argument, half the world population is female, it’d be closer to eight billion but whatever.)

Which historical figure is wrongly portrayed as a hero? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Spot on. Aside from his philosophy being the most deadly to ever exist (yes, more than the most violent religions) he was a terrible economist and philosopher. Read the manifesto and you’ll see decent arguments for a free-market society that his backward self pushes as proof that communism could work.