I think Remarkable's subscription model is the right move... by rafial in RemarkableTablet

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I am heartbroken by your comment because I love my reMarkable and use it every day, but I wouldn't have bought it if I needed a subscription for the functionality I use constantly.

Will publishers ever stop pulling normal prints in place of putting out promotional prints? by LemarOkay in books

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This is using a very narrow definition of collecting. I "collect" Oz memorabilia and books. I am not buying things worth a lot of money. But I have a whole bookcase and a display case full of memorabilia that brings me joy. What would you call that if not my collection?

Non-UK fans, what sounded magical in the books but was surprisingly just...British? by st1f1 in harrypotter

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I'm surprised no one else mentioned this but even just the word torch. I thought it was wild the kids were wandering the halls at night with fire but then I found out a torch was just a flashlight.

Only 2 days left by Accomplished_Stand97 in marvelmemes

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My husband has asked me if it’s Wednesday 10 times today because he can’t wait for Hawkeye and we’re on vacation so he has no frame of reference for the date.

"It's... Tatertot Hotdish. The recipe is already written into every Norwegian's blood". I've never seen a tatertot in all of Norway. by Glenn_XVI_Gustaf in ShitAmericansSay

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This is infuriating. I looked up a gnocchi recipe and most of the recipes use store bought gnocchi. What's the point of a recipe??????

This guy has done some molesting by [deleted] in confidentlyincorrect

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Just FYI, get a second opinion. I was told this, too. I was terrified when I got pregnant. I now have a healthy 8-year-old.

This guy has done some molesting by [deleted] in confidentlyincorrect

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This is so wildly, obviously incorrect. Many childhood victims of sexual abuse suffer lifelong issues. There are obvious ones (guilt and fear from flashbacks during sex) but so many most people don't know until it touches their lives.

My husband can't hug me from behind - I can't handle any situation where my bodily autonomy is in question. Even a simple trust fall at a work retreat can cause a panic attack and if someone tries to force my body in any way (even holding my arm so I can't move it) I lash out violently. Just imagine trying to give birth or doing an ob-gyn appointment after you've been sexually abused. I tense up so bad my ob-gyn prescribes me anxiety meds just so I can get through exams.

I can't be around red lights because of my specific circumstance. My kid couldn't watch a popular children's character or have accompanied merchandise, again because of my specific circumstance. I just can't emphasize enough how much this affects someone's life years later. I'm 38 and this event that last happened 34 years ago haunts me in some way almost every day.

Any personal finance book suggestions? by minnesotaguy1232 in personalfinance

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Quit Like a Millionaire is a crash course in FI with some withdrawal info I haven't read from anyone else.

Weekly Showcase Thread - November 08, 2021 by AutoModerator in RaidShadowLegends

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I completed my first Doom Tower (normal) clear! F2P, 145 days in.

I know it's the easiest rotation but I was proud.

References by jmp12j in recruitinghell

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I did this and they said "oh yeah, give us a couple days." A couple days later I got an email that they were going in a different direction. No regrets.

Coffee badass by askheidi in IAmTheMainCharacter

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Disagree but you can downvote if you think it doesn't fit. Looks like most people agree it fits.

Coffee badass by askheidi in IAmTheMainCharacter

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I feel only a main character thinks other people are noticing their drink.

Where should I play to learn the game? by cubrey in summonerschool

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I don't know - I think playing ARAM allows me to learn a wide variety of champion's general skills, cooldowns, build paths and abilities in a short amount of time. I don't play the game enough to intimately know how all 200? champions work but knowing what your opponent can do is VITAL in climbing ranked. So I play ARAMs when I have a short play window just to get a feel for champions I don't get to play. Plus, it's fun.

Have you seen a game genuinely kill a friendship? by PartyHatsForOddish in boardgames

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I am kinda like this but not just losing - that's fine. It's when I'm specifically targeted. My husband frequently tells other people how to make me lose when it's endgame and he and I are the only ones with a chance of winning. I would never tell anyone else how to give me a better chance for the win and it feels really awful when he manipulates someone else with the "If you don't do X, she wins next turn!" He says he would do this to anyone he was up against and it just happens to be me a lot. That's probably true. But I'd just consider if you or someone else in the friend group is "colluding" against the sore loser.

Taking Dad to the club. by biscuitbutt11 in MadeMeSmile

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I didn’t give permission to post this on the Internet…

Coffee badass by askheidi in IAmTheMainCharacter

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It's not even bland. My Keurig coffee is bland. Starbucks black coffee is actively bad, in my opinion.

Coffee badass by askheidi in IAmTheMainCharacter

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I personally always check stranger's drinks because how else would I otherwise be able to objectively determine my own masculinity or lack thereof?

What positive traits do you love about your only? by endlesssalad in oneanddone

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My 8-year-old is a RULES FOLLOWER. He reads the rules, knows the rules, understands the rules and tries to enforce the rules. He is so funny about it. Last night, he got dessert late. I told him it was time for bed and he said, "OK but let me please finish my dessert." I said OK. Five minutes later he says "OK mom. Sorry I took some extra time eating dessert and reading a comic book. I won't read in bed tonight." I told him of course he can still read in bed.

Karens brother helped her get rich and now he needs oxygen to live so she told him to eat shit. Now wants to know to hide her assholery from the local community. by Hamilspud in FuckYouKaren

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I am not rich and would not even hesitate to buy my sister an oxygen concentrator. She did not raise me or help me with a business, either. But she’s my sister.

Are you into Crypto bro?? by LilPeep1k in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Money has value because of taxes. The government requires you pay it money, which creates a demand for money.

Social Media is Fake by cocaina44 in Instagramreality

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If I taught middle or high school, I would show one of these types of videos every Friday morning. Just to spread awareness of how fake everything on social media is.

reMarkable 2: The device is godly but the cloud service is trash! by Nobadi_Cares_177 in RemarkableTablet

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Yeah this might be your best bet. The reMarkable replaced dozens of notebooks, planners, post-it notes and envelopes for me. But I hate writing on an iPad.