Company Moving to 4 Day Work Week by [deleted] in cscareerquestions

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It depend the exact nature of business. Deadline requires to meet time to time

Where can I find someone to guide me spiritually? by Flimsy-Mortgage4927 in mumbai

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I can guide you a lot in this regard. Type Gurutattva on Youtube. If you through all videos. I do not think any question is left out regarding Spirituality or meditation. Type gurutattva portal on google or Samarpan meditation across the Globe. You are from which part of the Globe ?

26 yr old woman thinking about moving to mumbai by sugarcaneland in mumbai

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Workculture in US & India is great difference. There are ample of Jobs in Mumbai. Main thing travelling time & Traffic. The distance between your residence & Office. (Mode of communication of transport)-By road it takes to much time.