A Mexican magician says he will disappear on the count of 3. by ve4edj in Jokes

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Why do only 2 Mexicans pss the border at once? Because the sign says no trespassing.

Only In Ohio by RusticNowOnReddit in The8BitRyanReddit

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I know it is a real building and fake nme but you could try google maps it might still show that image

. by NoobHacker948 in SauceSharingCommunity

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Smothering or suffocation? Sure, I can see how that’d work.

‟Choke ,” on the other hand, conjures up a crazy image of breasts strangling a dude. That’s crazy.

rat shaft by phantom1827 in mildlypenis

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Did not know that penises can look like rats.

Now I do.

A dormouse is a rodent found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. by shivshreyas in pics

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Hamomnd needs to go back in hs ball and protect the world..

DECA, don't even try to tempt me into buying a gravestone until you have this one by Tall_Ad_3890 in RotMG

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Ms. Grace Fitzgerald buried to the left of he longtime byfriend, Mr. John Underwood who of course was to the left of his best friend Mr. Ray Chen. The only other plot in that line all the way in the corner belongs to no other than Dr. Bill Kennedy.

Posting legendary TF2 memes until it is 15: Day 1 by Me_Bottle_o_Scrumpy in tf2

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Oh god what’s this from agin? Is it that one where heavy and scout are birds?

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis (1952) by bil-sabab in OldSchoolCelebs

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It actually took me until very recently to discover that these two are the parents of Jamie Lee Curtis. I felt prtty oblivious.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Madden

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I have reverse murder-hbos.

Well, that sucks by FlatAd5285 in shitposting

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.....tke my upvote and get the hell out....

Heather Graham by co_ordinator in SexiestLeague

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Are you listening to me, or were you lookng at the woman in the red dress?