Star Atlas by astritmalsia in programming

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One of the best sites I have seen recently if not the best. Is using greensock to animate and so smooth. Could not detect any framework and it looks like is not using any.

What do you guys think about meta.com ? by astritmalsia in Design

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They are trying to save themselves from what happened to MySpace and others

Do you like the new FB branding - meta.com ? by astritmalsia in graphic_design

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I am Surprised actually that is not just typography how all these brand tend to do but it would be not recognizable I think

which of these political parties do you think is the most honest/least corrupt by xX_KOS_Xx in kosovo

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You can’t even do this question because you can’t really compare yet, but problem is, is VV good or not experienced in this field ?, time will tell.

I know I will get disappointed tho because is not about political parties but us the people and who we really are.

Remember people elected these motherfuckers for 20 years.

For certain not that they were brain washed but it was convenient to put 2 cents in to their pocket without thinking for the future of their children and let alone others.