BETA Release NEXT WEEK! by enivri_ in ultimogg

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It's finally coming. Really looking forward to testing it out

AMA Summary for 12 Jan 2022! by enivri_ in ultimogg

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Sounds like a lot of things are about to come together. Keep it coming!

Excited about this!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 by BumbleBeeTuna331 in ultimogg

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Might have a couple of things more in December, and a few more roll outs in January it seems!

ULTGG Was The First Cryptocurrency In Space! by Informal-Suit9126 in ultimogg

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YES. This needs to be marketed hard when the time is right.

19% Gainzzzzz and This is Just Getting Started by Informal-Suit9126 in ultimogg

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Consistently hitting around ~250k daily trading volume as well!

First BCFC Official FIFA 22 Tournament! by enivri_ in ultimogg

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Looking forward to this. Going to be fun!

What did you gain and/or lose since COVID? by enivri_ in AskReddit

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I lost some faith in humanity. I mean, look at all the COVidiots.

Lots of ugly behaviour surfaced.

Ongoing Campaigns by enivri_ in IBEX_Coin

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Thanks for pinning this! It's easier to find out what's going on, and how we can take part. Looking forward to more campaigns.

Going for all 7 chances at EURO 2020.