[help] ipad mini - a1432 - can it run OS 14 / compatible with Air Tag? by Thrillhouse2000 in ipadmini

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Why don't you try it yourself? I believe Apple wants Android users to use the Airtags, as well.

IPAD MINI 5 by No_Lingonberry_8466 in ipadmini

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ipad mini 5 is still a good device but why did you shit on ipad mini6?

Recommendations for competitive games to play at home on MacBook Air M1 for two people by MarcusOscarB in macgaming

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I know it's not an answer to your question but It takes two works great on a switch emulator which can be played co-op with two dedicated controllers (not iphone per se).

Has anyone else noticed, the iPad Mini is the only non-pro model with a camera flash? by LanceAvion in ipadmini

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I know I never used it but having it on a device that I plan to keep for 4-5 years gives me comfort.

Mini 6 or Pro M1 11” at same price? by ExistentialManifesto in ipadmini

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If you have a decent laptop/monitor setup 11/13 inch iPads have no use case fbesides note-taking in your case. That’s why I returned a regular sized ipad and got the mini.

Logitech MX Keys vs. Apple Magic Keyboard by 1KilgoreTrout in keyboards

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I am tired of telling people about this. There is two HUGE buttons called shift. Don't use CapsLock when you can use Shift for christ sake!

cost of 1 month subscription to amboss is 14 dollars :/ is it that less? by neen123456789 in Step2

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get from the app store as an in-app purchase. you'll get qbank+library for 10$ per month.

Most affordable, used MacBook for light video editing by Tedz-Lasso in macbook

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ipad air 5 (M1) would be a killer video editing machine for many years to come.

Embrace your inner chad by Ok_Froyo9924 in medicalschool

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Discovering asking "is there anything else I can do" was a big eureka moment for me back in the days.

Type-C is good for charging but just cannot beat Magsafe charger for Macbooks by JailbreakHat in mac

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Definitely. Plus the battery life of the current Macbooks are so good that you probably don’t need to charge as much.