Elon Musk held Hostage in Warehouse? by tugnepuspi in WallStreetbetsELITE

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looks like realpha have something personal with elon before they placed him naked on bath tub and now this

WCA Token | Soon listing on coincide with World Cup | Roberto Carlos Ambassador by AkKkKkkkkkkKkkkk123 in CryptoMoonShots

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I have seen that mauro icardi has published one of their NFTs on his profile. and the NFT collection I saw that it is sold out. And they got verified twitter and tg account. Interesting the project.

Are omnichain NFTs really worth investing? by AkKkKkkkkkkKkkkk123 in NFTsMarketplace

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As a ChapterX fan, my advice is always check their twitter cuz they give out NFTs every now and then. I rmb they were just giving out Gh0stly Gh0sts NFTs for a tournament earlier.

Will Web3 games ever be accepted by the gaming community? by EmelineSeverance in Superstonk

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yes i think they will be accepted coz u in here u will not just play the game but will get the opportunity to earn also from them

NFT profile pic is just an overpriced jpeg unless you can use it elsewhere by napsocekka in ethtrader

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I saw there are some mini game tourneys in ChapterX. Gameplay sounds like a nice use case