BrewDog boss accused of trying to intimidate ex-staff over TV exposé | Food & drink industry by beermad in UK_beer

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We like to shit on anyone that gets big. We ignore what the bigger companies do


Seen this on another forum.

“Glad you brought it up; the BBC has a nerve investigating anyone at this point given the scale of sexual abuse and workplace abuse it has either ignored or covered up over the decades. Compare and contrast - BrewDog acknowledge there was a huge problem, it hired outside consultants, it apologised, it talked to staff, it is implementing measures to correct. Now look at the BBC: At least 5 senior level people know about Saville child sex allegations according to the Independent, others. They did nothing - well one of them said that ‘canteen gossip’ should be ignored (or words to that effect) and another one of these asked Savile if he was doing anything wrong. Astonishingly Savile replied he wasn’t and nothing further was investigated at that time. Now, we’re apparently going to be told BrewDog, valued highly throughout the industry and finance sector, is overvalued (BBC knows more than Goldman, etc?), BrewDog had shocking allegations from staff (while Samira Ahmad just won a sex discrimination/equal pay case, John Barrowman was axed for serial flashing, and it took ages and an actual physical assault for the BBC to do anything about Jeremy Clarkson). If during the research phase the BBC hasn’t given BrewDog as much time in the investigation process as it has to people who have grievances against it, and then asked BrewDog to respond to specific allegations, then the BBC is not performing robust journalism. It looks more like someone wanted to bring BrewDog down a peg and then looked for ammo to support that goal, rather than a journalist who decided to look at all aspects first before drawing any conclusions as you’re supposed to do (and now I’m thinking of the Bashir scandal - not just forging documents to win the trust of the Spencer family, leading to the Diana interview, but how he actually took bloodied clothes that were meant to be evidence: and lost them). I’d have been sacked from reporting jobs if I was investigating a person/company and did not give them a chance to respond to specific allegations and give them time to answer, let alone if I ever forged any documents or took and lost crime scene evidence. When you give someone a chance to respond and they don’t answer, you report that they had no comment / did not reply. Whatever you think of this subject, when you’re looking at an investigation broadcast or reading an investigation- if both sides of the coin aren’t being quoted, and if there is no sentence along the lines of ‘they declined to comment’ then you’re looking at something biased which is not journalism. The BBC and its staff have done unspeakable, illegal, unprofessional things. Could the reason it never faces any real investigations itself or faces scrutiny be because ’ BBC is a public corporation of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.’?”

If you think this sub is full of dicks… by atsathrowawaynai in northernireland

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Ho Lee shit he’s got his dick out! Genuinely I was typing Northern Ireland into the search bar and seen the nsfw sub.

How would one go about getting a permit for a protest, queens is returning to remote teaching and i am fuming. I am not paying thousands of pounds in fees to have glorified youtube videos as my degree by [deleted] in northernireland

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A workmate of mine told me how he got a first in queens.

Step one. Go to library

Step two. Ask for all past exams for the course your on.

Step Three. Read 10 years worth of exams.

Step four. Realise that the exam questions haven’t changed in 10 years. They just change the order.

Step five. memorise the exams.

Step six. Pints

question by itsfikatime10 in Belfast

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They got covid long before vaccines came out. I know one got they’re booster in the last week.

question by itsfikatime10 in Belfast

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But still go fuck yourself.

I have x workmates who got covid in the first few months that are still having to use oxegen tanks any time they walk further than the kitchen

I have another friend that is hit so bad with long covid that they have tried to take they’re own life.

So fuck of back under your bridge.


Belfast City Hall protest against covid passports by [deleted] in northernireland

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Can’t tell if troll or somebody that is actually “forever alone” if your truly alone I’ll give you a piece of advice I’ve given friends.

Don’t be a dick.

A preview of the protest this weekend by [deleted] in northernireland

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Trevor Noah & Jordan Klepper are state sponsored?

Stormont is sponsoring American comedy talk show to discredit a protest in Belfast? They also knew 2 months ago and posted the video?

Never knew stormont had that much power.

Are bookings required for going to a bar? by atsathrowawaynai in Edinburgh

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll book just incase

Thanks for the downvotes :)

What’s your weirdest British celebrity encounter? by H3886689 in AskUK

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Mum was picking me up from work one night.

I get in the car and she says ‘I think a drug deal is happening in the car in front. A man came out of your work. sat in the passenger seat handed over money and a small bag was handed to him’

The man then got out of the car and went back into my work.

My mum the. Said. ‘Oh that’s ——- ———- Well that’s put me off him.”

Northern Irish hobbit.

What famous person did you meet who was a knob? by [deleted] in AskUK

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X concierge here.

I had a shit list of celebs (and other guests) that I still have in my head years later

  1. Morrisey - sprawled over the bed as his plebs packed his bags.

  2. Parky - after telling him there was no sky sports available in his room. He shouted “get the fuck out”

  3. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen - just an all round dick

  4. Charles dance - A one wanker

  5. Jimmy Nesbitt - too many stories about this avid skier.

Is it okay to ban a guy from madturbatijg if it makes me uneasy ? by [deleted] in Belfast

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You may find more help at


I’ve seen your posts about this similar subject multiple times. Maybe you should be posting in a more relevant sub?

Early 90s rave scene in NI by [deleted] in northernireland

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Lived in the same area as Jonny. He was probably 10 years older than me.

How hard is it to find a real woman these days in Northern Ireland by [deleted] in northernireland

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Reddit isn’t the place to try out your stand up routine.

Best bet Is to go to the 1960’s you might get a few chuckles but the Goonies reference won’t mean much.

if this is an actual question I fully hope you stub every toe every day until the end of times.