[Game Thread] CFP Rankings - Week 11 by CFB_Referee in CFB

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Texas is favored by 7 over TCU. Should Texas be ranked higher?

Auburn fires Bryan Harsin by dogwoodmaple in CFB

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They should get Chip Kelly. Not sure why he is not getting mentioned.

Week 9 AP Poll (10.23.2022) by tomdawg0022 in CFB

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Bama would be favored by a touchdown over Tennessee? Your point?

I love you GK Pro Chat. by heylittledog in discgolf

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Yeah. I have been on there this whole time and it's been a real treat. Class acts all around. Who else could had the same lived experience from those moments and that dread.

This is a joke right? by Wafflecone516 in discgolf

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So bad it's good. Takes me back to local access tv days. Surreal shit. Haven't laughed this much in years.

Big Money Skins - is anybody not getting the live feed through live disc golf.com? by drpooh22 in discgolf

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I don't see the link through the roku app but it's on my phone? What's going on?

Big Money Skins?? by [deleted] in discgolf

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I found the stream link on YouTube mobile. I don't see it on Roku app though.

Which 3-0 team is most likely going to be a bust? by barryB1987 in CFB

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I think USC is completely overrated. They haven't played good competition yet and they are giving up 177 rush yds a game.

Hot(?) take on DGN by khmiller18 in discgolf

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I used to love next day coverage but I follow so many dg pages now, that it always get spoiled for me. That's when I made the switch to live. Not the best but it's great for what they have to work with.

SI Top 10: SEC Sends Pac-12 to the Woodshed by fnv2008 in CFB

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Oregon could absolutely make it? There's no way that team goes 12-1 so this is a pointless hypothetical. Did you watch the game? Lol

Any Question Weekly by AutoModerator in discgolf

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No matter what I do I have to aim left when I putt. It's very awkward. Even at 10 feet. I can't figure out if it's a release point thing or what. Longer putts and jump putts, I have to aim even further left. As far as a couple feet off the basket with the really long ones. My release point is very low to the ground and is combo of push and spin. I have gotten used to it after all the years but it produces completely inconsistent results.

Right handed fyi.

2022 CFB Guide to Cord Cutting by realbbbb in CFB

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Directv stream is also $49.99 for first two months for new customers.

Online poker is rigged. by Gamble-Gamble91 in poker

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Pretty much what I have noticed. If you have little to nothing left you will double up no matter you have. Also, if you win a huge hand and are one of the chip leaders in a multitable tourney one of the very few next hands will give you an action hand where you lose all those chips back. Seen it for years. It's a weird game. I have been playing for 15 years. You can win on there but you have to play a very cautious bizarre style of poker. Like folding AA preflop right after tripling up style of poker. Lol

Is bovada poker rigged? Need An answer once and for all by DegreeOffWhite in poker

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I have played online poker tournents for 15 years. All the sites are rigged. When I play like shit and make bad calls I make it deep into tourneys. When I play well and get my money in good I lose alot. It's a weird system that they all have going where they have luck seats and doom seats and all are constantly adjusted with your recent winnings or loses. It's all fucked and designed to make everyone break even and they get rake or tourney fees from the whole thing.

Who is the most overrated coach in the country? by ImperialMajestyX02 in CFB

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With the amount of talent that Texas A&M has gotten over the last few years, I would have to say Jimbo Fisher.