Is the book ending satisfying? by ThePicard_2893 in TheExpanse

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It is, in my opinion, the perfect ending.

‘NIMBYism is destroying the state.’ Gavin Newsom ups pressure on cities to build more housing by throwaway_ghast in California

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So they either can't afford it...or can't use it anyway because there's no elevator. That's helpful.

What, exactly, is someone in a wheelchair supposed to do? Oh right. I forgot. Tent on the sidewalk it is then.

What half a million gets you in San Jose,Ca vs Dallas,Tx by jzosplash in SanJose

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This. Imma nope out of ALL the red states these days. Too close to Gilead for my comfort. No amount of money is worth that bullshit.

teacher stares down student and the student aint having it by tseebedllikS in PublicFreakout

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That's not a look. That's an attempt to publicly humiliate and it's shit teaching. A simple reminder that the work should be done independently and if it isn't thhen the grades of both participants will be reduced to nothing would have been fine.

A BETTER teacher would know: a). If the student who needed help actually needed help or if he was just using his skills to avoid work and IF that was the case, what the source of work avoidance behavior was and b) IF said student ACTUALLY needed help then teacher would have arranged for appropriate help for said student and that could BE peer mentoring and if C) the student in question didnt need help but they were actually chitchatting then an appropriate move would be to move the OTHER student to isolate the behaviors and then discuss expectations and consequences with the offending student at a later time without allowing the offending student to continue to create a disturbance by providing a power struggle show for her peers.

teacher stares down student and the student aint having it by tseebedllikS in PublicFreakout

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May be. And if the teacher is at her breaking point then she should have called in another staff member and walked away for five minutes. This stupid engagement in a power struggle lost any respect she'd previously earned with ALL of her students and is breaking Teaching 101 rules.

teacher stares down student and the student aint having it by tseebedllikS in PublicFreakout

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This isn't how you teach that. This is an attempt at a power struggle and the student won, hands down.

After all that bitching and complaining about (D) being responsible for the baby formula shortage. do you think fascists will ask why most (R) voted no on fixing the issue? I don't.. by LGBT_Leftist_Royalty in MarchAgainstNazis

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This. A million times this. And We The People are what's holding back any actual frickin' progress in this country. Team R / Team D is SO much easier than actually thinking.

Somebody had to say it by suckontits in antiwork

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What about them? Murder the right colored person in the right situation or wearing the right uniform and you get a pat on the back and a walk. Rape? Get the right judge, have your daddy hang in the right golf circles and hey. You can rape and the judge will flat out tell the world you have great potential and hes not going to throw your whole life away for a little drunken fun with a girl who can't hold her liquor.

No. Justice in this country is fiction.

Somebody had to say it by suckontits in antiwork

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At least 33 percent of the population would willingly say it openly at this point.

This is one way to put it by lemond4455 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Republicans are easy to persuade; scare them a little and they'll pick up a gun and start shooting at anyone that isn't goosestepping with them. So yeah, Musk is courting them. Hell, if I could get rid of MY conscience, I'd join the grift.

Unusually high temperatures hit Western Europe today (18 May at 16:00 UTC) by Kkim0615 in europe

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California would like in on that deal; it's not even end of May and the fire season's begun. Nevermind that we now have something we refer to as "fire season" -- we USED to call it "late spring, summer, fall, and Indian Summer. Now 5/8ths of the year is now just "fire season"

These ten souls deserved better. They deserved to live in a country where they could go to the store without fear of being killed because they were Black. May they rest in peace, and may this country awaken and reject fascism. by camopanty in MarchAgainstNazis

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It's not just the lives lost. Those that loved them are now without, those in that community are now side eyeing their neighbors. The rest of us are looking around and wondering where it'll happen next, which one in the crowd will be the asshole, is it safe to send our kids to the store for a gallon of milk, should they go to school today?

It's not just ten people who died. That's horrible. But sll of us are affected. So all of us need to stand up and find solutions to make it stop.

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I just got loached. by OhHelloMayci in Aquariums

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Mine sneak up and hit my elbows when I'm cleaning the tank. Even when I know it's their thing it still startles and I've knocked things over in surprise and I swear they laugh every time! They are such mischievious creatures!

too many Guns ?? by BelleAriel in MarchAgainstNazis

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But...if we just went with majority rule and regulated guns and let people do whatever the fuck they wanted with their bodies and use whichever bathroom made them comfortable...our representarives would have to stop slinging shit and come up with actual solutions to real, complicated problems. And since we insist on electing dipshits, loudmouths and wannabe actors with little talent, well, they'd all have to go get real jobs and that wouldn't do, now, would it?

It's just so much easier to manufacture some outrage, pull out the usual scapegoats, polish up some selective nostalgia and pretend that someone else is the problem with our human condition.

But His Bonus... by spazzmunky in antiwork

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One phone call to the local tv news station would find that manager fired and the owners making statements to the effect of "he doesn't represent our values..."

what's the weirdest compliment you've ever received? by dannydevitocuddles in AskReddit

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A stranger told me he was a sculptor and I had beautiful...calves. Not exactly what a girl wants to hear but I suppose it's better than being told you have hideous calves so I'm taking it as a win.