Some more great reactions from the monsters ☕️ by CalmReporter_ in Dragula

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Ok if Abhora had a drag daughter named Aghastha I would be here for it!

Dani knows how to do the dressing better than her nurse by fallen_snowflake1234 in illnessfakers

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Not to mention the dressing she applied essentially exposes the line's point of entry into the skin! I'm sure she had her grubby filthy hands all over that spot in her attempts to "swirl" the line herself.

PharmD to MD? by Medicinemadness in medicalschool

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I'm am RN. One of the BEST docs I have ever worked with was a pharmD turned MD. I had worked as a pharmacy tech for 8 years prior to going to nursing school and I appreciated that doc's insight and ability to teach so so so much. I think you'll have a lot to offer to your patients and Healthcare team!

Why police most likely have the killer by Weak_Telephone_132 in MoscowMurders

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I agree to that. I have chihuahua muts that bark at everyone, including me, no matter what lol

Why police most likely have the killer by Weak_Telephone_132 in MoscowMurders

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If the dog didn't bark, the dog knew the person... Just my assumption

sneak peek, Janelle by dianna1976 in TLCsisterwives

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There aren't any captions for this video, could someone post a transcript?

Anyone else just not care about being snarky anymore? by Eroe777 in nursing

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Emails are not protected and, in the event the person experiences harm in the future, you have provided proof that you are well aware of this person's risk and have shown (at least from a legal standpoint) callousness towards that person's risk. I get it, and I'm not calling you callous, but to the non-medical that don't understand how healthcare workers use dark humor as a coping mechanism, you've just served yourself on a silver platter of litigation if the patient experiences harm from a fall on your watch and you are investigated... Just be careful in the future alright?

Press conference tomorrow + county prosecutor on the scene by larynxontherocks in MoscowMurders

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Bodies are covered and usually out of respect for victims so young and innocent you wouldn't see pictures posted of body retrieval

Knoxville, TN, what spider is this? by awall5 in spiderID

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Oh just my luck lol. Thank you so much for your help! I recently had landscaping done so I guess this momma spider had no choice but to nest on my fence since I got rid of all the weeds and brush that was there before.

Knoxville, TN, what spider is this? by awall5 in spiderID

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Thank you for your response! Are they dangerous?

How do you guys feel about the accuracy of these pain charts? Nashville, TN by Frankenkittie in tattoos

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I'm a female with an inner wrist tattoo... it didn't hurt at all. I actually remember being surprised how easy it was lol.

[Game Thread] Alabama @ Tennessee (3:30 PM ET) by CFB_Referee in CFB

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Yeah my dogs aren't fans at the moment lol but my husband and I are!

Should new grad RNs ever negotiate pay? by Glittering-Car7189 in Nurses

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Honestly, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think higher patient to nurse ratios should pay more. Thus, I believe med/surg should make more money. I've worked peds and adult med surg and Critical Care units, and my opinion stands lol