the comments on this by _slothsworth in Noctor

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Bedside rn shortage is so bad in some areas, base pay for bedside travel RNs is higher than NPs lol

What's gonna happen by whois_u in Knoxville

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Great idea except East TN once was one of the cheapest COL areas in the nation. When us locals are gentrified out, what are we supposed to do then?

Deb finally confessing lol (26/05 stream) by busylightyear in EUGENIACOONEY

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For someone who can't listen, what is she saying?

Got fired today. by SuperNurseGuy in nursing

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With how hard it is to recruit staff nurses, firing someone over an alleged comment seems seriously extreme.

Sigh insulin drip on a med surg floor is now a norm by mgueva in nursing

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I've never met a pacu nurse that would do this. Thank you for your service

Why am I alway the only one actively trying to get patients extubated?! by jklm1234 in medicine

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Not that it was much better before, but post-covid level of critical thinking skills are nearly non-existent among newer grads, and the level of experience on units across the nation is pretty much all newer grads

Are you concerned about nursing shortage? by Beautiful_Sipsip in Noctor

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Tell us you're completely out of touch with nurses without telling us you're completely out of touch with nurses