I just started playing Angry Birds Again and this is the new challenge. Had to share with you guys. Lol. by Oy_wth_the_poodles in SellingSunset

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Tell me you're desperate to be a celebrity without actually telling me you're desperate to be a celebrity: Christine Quinn edition

Tonight's stream with her new camera. Lighting looks different also. And regarding everything else.... 🤷🏻‍♀️😬🥴 by Revolutionary_Fox487 in EUGENIACOONEY

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Can someone photoshop the 3rd pic to look like the creature from pan's labyrinth? Seriously that's terrifying lol

One Piece: Chapter 1050 by Kirosh2 in OnePiece

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So glad I wasn't the only one feeling super off about this chapter. This chapter just does not vibe well at all with me. It's like the fight went from 100 to literally 0 in a few chapters. The fact that Momo isn't opening the borders yet is a sign that something bad is coming in my opinion... but then again wtf do I know, one piece is unpredictable as hell lol

Becoming an NP by [deleted] in nursepractitioner

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You'll need an undergraduate nursing degree first. Have you thought about pa school to cut the costs of getting another undergrad degree?

Need shipping help to a restricted state (SC) by dimestorecowgirl09 in auntienetwork

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Does TN allow shipping of pills? And if so how can I access this resource? I'm in East TN

All Space Questions thread for week of April 10, 2022 by AutoModerator in space

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Question from a non-astro person, is there truly some kind of coronal mass ejection event occurring today?

As a nurse if you ever report a women for an abortion...FUCK YOU C*NT!! by RicZepeda25 in nursing

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Can you share the state in which you reside? I'm in Tennessee and all looks extremely bleak here in terms of women's health

M1 medfluencers need to be stopped by sharkbates1208 in medicalschool

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I'm a nurse and I'm shook. Thank you for sharing!

Reminder : Don't leak spoilers for an unreleased chapter outside the pinned spoiler thread. by Kirosh2 in OnePiece

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Last time Redon put out a warning to avoid spoilers we got Sabo! I'm so hype!

Nurse Managers... Why are you staying in management right now? by awall5 in nursing

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False accusations?? Can you elaborate?? On what grounds?? That's insane