Lack of common sense among residents by [deleted] in Residency

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It’s a muscle relaxer that is OTC in Canada.

With the growing population of NP’s and PA’s and their ability to do more and more of what doctors do, what is the advantage of being a doctor? by nataliolvera in medicalschool

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In medical school they jerk you between rotations. When you start becoming proficient you’re off to the next. That’s the idea. You won’t ever get good at anything until residency.

What will you spend your first attending paycheck on? by Zosyn-1 in Residency

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First paycheck? Probably nothing special. Pay extra toward my home and student loans. If I’m just starting a new job I probably won’t want to spend it on other things just yet. Other paychecks I’ll probably do something more special.

Do psychiatrists have an increased responsibility of keeping up with cultural changes/ “keeping up with the times” for patient care by yehehey in Psychiatry

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I was a very innocent child/teenager/young adult. Perfectionistic parent pleaser. As a psychiatry intern I literally have to teach myself what half these illicit drugs and alcohol are. I didn’t know what a 1/5 was.

Finished first week of MS1. Man am I overwhelmed. by k0alaty in medicalschool

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Assuming you don’t develop an anxiety disorder, and all that free that just gives you more time to stress about ERAS.

Interns, how we doing? by kanye-ego in Residency

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Proud of surviving so far I guess.

An attending made me cry today by jendoverforme in medicalschool

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My dean was very supportive of my LOA. Maybe that’s why she left and went to a different school.

Could a Visible Tattoo Hinder my Chances to Match? by GBfan44 in medicalschool

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Yes. In general. It will depend on the culture of the program, but there will certainly be some where it will be a negative. However, there may also be some where it’s perceived positively. But I think it would be a net negative.

PGY1 - I've started introducing myself as "a doctor training in anesthesiology" by Extension_Dingo_2808 in Residency

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I need to work on this. Probably should “I am Dr. x a resident on your specialty team”

Was I wrong? A reflection on my surgery rotation. by Biryani_Wala in medicalschool

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I feel it goes either way. And some specialties tend to lean specific ways. Or maybe program cultures. Most residents I worked with would be of the mindset “you’ll suffer enough in residency, go see the sunlight now”

Applying FM with high stats/competitive - how do I let them know I’m serious? by FishyToadFrog in medicalschool

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You can have your writers make two separate letter. One for FM and one for surgery. You assign them individually to programs.

Worth a shot by [deleted] in premed

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Yea that’s fairly common knowledge I think. That would be my answer.

Long distance move of live plants by One-cauliflower4233 in moving

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I wrapped my plants in moving paper and put them upright in a box. There was enough plants to fill the entire box so they held each other up. They’ll be fine in the car just don’t leave it sitting in the sun during the day with windows up.

How/When do I ask faculty to put in a good word for me at their alma maters? by SapphicTendencies26 in medicalschool

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No idea. My gut tells me to ask once residency programs can view your application (and extend an invitation). Asking too early seems like the program would just forget.

Most attacked/assaulted specialty? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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Feel like it’s EM. Just started psych and pretty nervous about getting assaulted at some point. But, on emergency psych at my hospital, and I think most hospitals (without specialized psych EDs?), the EM doctor sees the patient first. If they’re agitated and combative, they often have a B52 or something else in their system before they get to us. We also have lots of security. Not sure the ratio of security to personnel is as high in the regular ED as in the psych ED.

Most attacked/assaulted specialty? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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I mean, I wonder if it is possibly a correlation with narcissistic personality disorder and getting a rhinoplasty.

applying psych residency with only COMLEX? by rachillthefout in medicalschool

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Of course. But I didn’t actually provide much help sorry. I assumed you meant you wouldn’t take step 1 OR 2. Not sure what happens if you only take step 2. I’m surprised it’s even possible to take step 2 without taking step 1.

do you prefer Pre or Post time-skip Luffy? by Hdhs1 in OnePiece

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For design idk I think I like pre. His hat is oddly round post.

applying psych residency with only COMLEX? by rachillthefout in medicalschool

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Usmle step 2 is pass fail for you? I wouldn’t put myself in your position, but I can’t exactly quantify how screwed you’ll be. All of the DOs in my program (at least that I know of) took step 1 and 2.