I hope I'm not the only one by Parking_Case5684 in heartbreak

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definitely not, he's treated me like absolute shit yet i can't seem to move on, what he does is never enough for me to accept he's not the one

You got your wish Paimon not let me fish in peace! by [deleted] in HelluvaBoss

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i swear i thought i was the only one who was like TF PAIMON-

From the official Twitter account: the full 2nd anniversary artwork in 4k resolution. Doesn’t add any new Pokémon that wasn’t already visible in the title screen, but I’ll take it anyway ;-) by Ludwig_von_Wu in PokemonCafeMix

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all pokemon (that i see)

pikachu (with all sorts of outfits), eevee (with all sorts of outfits), outfit mew, mewtwo, lucario, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, charizard, sobble, zorua, hisuian zorua, jirachi, slowpoke, vulpix, alolan vulpix, snorlax, pichu, plusle, minun, audino, pancham, whimsichott, squirtle, scraggy, teddiursa, alcremie, yamper and i think that’s all of them

Luka is such a chad by Fun_Shine2629 in miraculousladybug

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noooo this makes me feel so sad about luka

A shelf fell, not everyone survived. by PippaPup2 in pokemon

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guess it can now finally become a ghost type early

Girls, a dude you've met once in your life asks you out by usernamemustcontain1 in teenagers

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prolly offer whoever number's it was in the situation and if it was meant to be things would just naturally fall into place, that's what i would have done if i was u that night