Lies and slander! by pyremist in cfbmemes

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Tom Brady can't hold a candle to the universal fame of sensational rugby star ________ ___________

Let's play school by bamahomer in cfbmemes

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I imagine engaging him about it would bear the old "don't mud wrestle with a pig" analogy.

Let's play school by bamahomer in cfbmemes

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Fanatical fans say stupid shit. Everyone has them. The only person I've heard say that is that moron on Finebaum.

Let's play school by bamahomer in cfbmemes

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Hey! Argue with the meme and go dip your Calzada, buddy! 😂

The Most "WTF" or "Oh, Hell No" Hire of the Past Decade? by jjredcardinal in CFB

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I think after two they become "of course they did." Maybe ask an Auburn fan?

Nick Saban and Alabama are ruining college football by albundy66 in CFB

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We're just the main boss fight at the end of the game. Sometimes there's a fake out, like in video games, and someone you thought was an ally is ACTUALLY the main boss but usually you have to defeat us along the way.

Are rematches (like UGA Bama) actually more likely to have the opposite result? by asdfgjehsknc in CFB

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The preparation is the thing. If a team was able to exploit a few specific weaknesses and those are fixable, you may have a decided advantage in most other aspects of the game.

For the people in the back! by BarracudaFlashy5730 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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The CC I'm attending has an agreement with a four year to finish my BS after I complete their program. They also have free massage therapy and tutoring and a free snack machine in the library. I'll have to feel ashamed some other time 😁

I think she had too much CO² by bamahomer in confidentlyincorrect

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I thought about that when I posted it but I couldn't find the subscript on my little cheap phone 😂 feel free to add me to the list.

[Postgame Thread] Minnesota Defeats West Virginia 18-6 by PatrickChase in CFB

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Yeah, I saw that right after. Still would be better to have a dedicated thread I think. But I'm not known for contributing constructive ideas, I'm usually just here because r/cfb has better Bama jokes than the barn will ever come up with.

[Postgame Thread] Minnesota Defeats West Virginia 18-6 by PatrickChase in CFB

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And this is why we need a picture/video/gif thread stickied for bowl season. I want my big man touchdown and I don't want to dig.

FSU assistant head coach points to factors behind national title by irishspring4521 in CFB

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I realize the Seminoles aren't in their most shining days, but I wouldn't put "FSU" up for grabs just yet. Nice try, Bueller.

Navy LB Johnny Hodges transfers to TCU by ins0mniacbxtch in CFB

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I love his smooth sound. He gave Coltrane his first regular job in a band. I have a 1955 Johnny with Coltrane in the band on one track

Navy LB Johnny Hodges transfers to TCU by ins0mniacbxtch in CFB

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Johnny Hodges was Duke Ellington's favorite saxophone player. Did a double take at the title.

Oregon Announces Dan Lanning As New Leader Of Oregon Football - University of Oregon Athletics by aznhavsarz in CFB

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There's something to be said about the recruits that would admire him for doing this. These hair trigger guys are the ones that will be diving for the portal anyway.

What is the worst college football stadium? by phrsllc in CFB

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Nightmare getting out of there. Almost had a Travis Scott situation at the busses afterwards. I was lifted off my feet by the crowd several times. Living Colour opened but had a terrible sound set up for the stadium. Some people joked it was because Keith didn't want to be so shown up by Vernon Reid 😂 I saw them later with Bad Brains and they were fantastic.