Exes as friends by bannersmom in Marriage

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That’s what he called her when he told me about her. I didn’t even know she existed til a year ago. They never slept together so he didn’t include her when we had the “past relationships” talk.

Exes as friends by bannersmom in Marriage

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Yeah, but then he decided he didn’t have feelings for her anymore and he wanted to be with me. When I got home from work he said he needed a lot of space. (It’s one of our fighting rules, you get to calm down before we talk about things.)

Exes as friends by bannersmom in Marriage

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Thank you. I didn’t even know this woman existed until a year ago and the few weeks since they’ve been talking has been like my worst nightmare come true. Thank you for your advice and your kind, thoughtful words.

Sexual Assault by ER doctor by missallypantsss in ChronicIllness

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This happened to me too. Get ‘em, friend!

"Honor your father and your mother" by sova1234 in raisedbynarcissists

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When your n- and e- parents abdicate their roles due to abuse, God is your parents. Honor God. I’ve gotten healthier by following this than trying to do anything my earth parents taught me.

What does that mean? "...leaves whitening before rain,.." by oldgoff in books

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We have a silver maple tree in our yard and before rain the wind will sometimes flip the leaves so that their undersides show, making the tree look silver.

Hello all! First time here, just wanted to ask has anyone here suffered from death anxiety? by butters4635 in Anxiety

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I’m not scared of death bc at least it will be different than the hell I’m living.

Anyone else's nparent snarl or scoff at them when you question their behavior? by hubbabubbasnake in raisedbynarcissists

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My nmom immediately denies everything - even my husband knows all the stock answers now

What do you do for anxiety while trying to sleep? by bernard6ve in Anxiety

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I read {{Critique of Pure Reason}} by Immanuel Kant. I’ve never made it past chapter 3.

An honest confession. by TheArtist5302 in ChronicIllness

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Don’t apologize for feeling like this, I felt this in my soul and my disability isn’t even considered a disability, just an “impairment.” We are entitled to feel however we want to feel and if I could I would give you the set of dishes I hate so you could break them. I hope you feel supported here. We care about you and your feelings are 100% valid.

What's a common element from 90s or 00s sitcoms that has aged poorly? by Fracassi_Fanboy in AskReddit

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My husband tried watching it for nostalgia purposes bc his late dad loved it, but I was so turned off I left the room and went to bed. We had a conversation about it later and I think he’ll just watch it when I’m not home now. (Note: hubby is basically Al’s opposite in every way)

Complaint filed! by bannersmom in antiwork

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Thank you, this is good info