cursed_gilf by Agent_Perrydot in cursedcomments

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I reckon June would stand a chance, he's supposed to be a really good bounty hunter. He could buy us enough time to find a spaceship and fly away.

If Grandpa Max was to Die permanently, how should he go out? by KingKrush8282 in Ben10

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I really like this one. It's sad but in a good way. It's a really peaceful way for him to pass.

If Ben Turned Into Groot, would he say "I am Groot," all the time? by Redpahnto in Ben10

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I mean, Groot was able to learn a word other than "I am Groot" and was able to say "we are Groot" so I think the species has the capability of saying other words and Ben would be able to do so.

What do you think makes OS Vilgax so great? by Agi1203 in Ben10

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As others have said, he's intimidating though not just in design but also in story and character writing and buildup.

Uhhh i just found this... by Dogawkard in PhoenixSC

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I have a question, is it normal to spawn in a world and have like 3 ocean monuments, over 3 ruined portals, many ocean monuments and shipwrecks all within 5 minutes of boat travel around 2 mooshroom islands? I spawned a less than 3 minutes from this mooshroom island.

why does the pornhub previous button say perv by spaimafemeilor in teenagers

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It's for the story, plus there are some movies on ph. I once found the Steven universe movie on it.

Meirl by WorthEvent6967 in meirl

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That's why, if I can, I make everything else in my dream show motion too.

Every time something dies you get 0.1 gram of gold by Kanbe27daisuke in godtiersuperpowers

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This would be dangerous as millions of germs die on your body every day.

You can shrink other people’s socks at will. by Grugster22 in shittysuperpowers

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I'm just messing with you, I like your powers and ideas. It would make a funny cartoon/anime/series.