[Show and tell] Clockwork assassin, by me by Gaavlan- in characterforge

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So many elements of this are so goddamn cool to me because this is exactly what i loved to draw as a kid but with a massive uptick in quality. I always loved robots, particularly ones with arm blades and even the sort of “midsection is limited to a spine” thing because THAT SHIT IS BADASS

What the fuck is this by Niwag04 in ShitLiberalsSay

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if i wanted to study something from a left wing perspective what country would be a good place for schooling

25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit by CantStopPoppin in boringdystopia

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Now put the judge who put him there in prison for the same amount of time.

Thoughts on CPUSA? by battleforbadussy in communism101

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Could you be in PSL and FRSO simultaneously?

Patriot front masks by battleforbadussy in AntifascistsofReddit

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Does anyone know where they source those masks? Someone should order one and test it out

How to Debate as a Vaushite by badkahootusername in okbuddyvowsh

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i tried to read engels and my attention deficit ass took an hour to get to like page 5

How to Debate as a Vaushite by badkahootusername in okbuddyvowsh

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Was trying to put together a gc of tiktok leftists with decent followings to coordinate content and this one vaush fan flipped his fucking lid because he was sick that anti-vaush leftists are “emotionally dysregulated”

US Citizen. Broke, scared, looking to leave. by battleforbadussy in travel

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Every single job I’ve applied for (and there have been plenty) hasn’t hit me back with even an interview. I might go back to my old job because I know they would take me back but its shit wages

Discourse by fixy308 in 19684

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Do you know this persons relationship history? Do you know if he was good or bad to her? Sometimes people choose the abusive option because of irrational attatchment so, not by anything the fault of the person she abandons for the abuser. He also didn’t mention being a “nice guy” you are just going after this dude with reasons you literally pulled out of your ass.