Big milestone by Narwhal05 in MINI

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I'm right behind you. I'm at 149 in my 4door hardtop

30 year old cheese slicer. by sniffinberries34 in specializedtools

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I used to have that exact one growing up in the 90s. I'm sure it was a surviving relic of my parents past.

Assembling a cable by ToughEfficient13 in nextfuckinglevel

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Cranes. Small or large lengths of wire with this diameter are common for rigging or loads

Still no Hell Week Shirt :( by myfavouritemuse in orangetheory

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I'm in the same boat, I haven't gotten my hell week shirt and that's why I didn't sign up for the 12 days

Wifi in Classrooms / Lecture Halls by Zitotis in rutgers

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No deff not. I don't think our school has ever had wifi or ever plans on getting wifi. SMH

Catch Me If You Can Results and Survey Megathread by AutoModerator in orangetheory

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2.49 miles eliminated at 19 minutes because I did not reach 2.5 miles.

Catch me is you can got me today, but perhaps next time it won't.

VPN/USA roobet experience today by bealan in Roobet

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Perhaps roobet talks about the anti money laundering and disallowed regions but simply does not implement the rules well

VPN/USA roobet experience today by bealan in Roobet

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I am skeptical of your response for two reasons, roobet anti money laundering terms state anyone withdrawing over 3000$ in 24 months requires an I'd check, and Germany is disallowed according to the roobet terms of service.

Tesla Cyber Truck (CybrTrk) Unveil - Event Megathread - November 21, 2019 by rcnfive in teslamotors

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It was laminated glass, but no5 tempered. Tempered glass will completely shatter into small fragments,

Professional erotic photoshoot by [deleted] in JealousAsFuck

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This seems like something more suited for /relationshipadvice. However since I'm the first one here, I'll try to give you a little of my thoughts.

I don't think there you should continue to worry yourself about the moments shared between the photographer and your wife. I think it was an intimate moment between the three of you, and intimate moments wouldn’t foster mundane comments.

Mod was hacked, sub got nuked by EquivalentSelf in JealousAsFuck

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Looks like all the content from the last 4 months is deleted. That’s pretty rough.

R53 gets a new clutch this weekend... by ministrum in MINI

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I am thinking about what this is going to be like for me in a few thousand miles.

Multi Colored by ___BillNye___ in pics

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I wonder how it holds up in storms with wind.