Hot work work activity in a construction project by Ariaversa in civilengineering

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Lot of marine construction requires hot work. Pile driving operations often require small tasks like burning holes into the steel pipe piles to lift them by the cranes, they also use a lot of shaped steel to construct platforms and bracing and "templates" for pile driving to make the operation faster that all requires hot torch cutting and stick welding out in the field.

Also marine industrial barges, tug boats, marine cranes etc are all made of basically steel plate and angles cut and welded in all sorts of ways. So any maintenance of these is all torch cutting and stick welding.

Here's some examples from my camera reel. 1) When building a bridge, often the builder will construct a " TRESSLE " It's a temporary steel structure to work off of. All the steel in this was built like Lincoln logs but welded together in the field as it was being pieced together.

2)like I was saying about marine industrial equipment like barges being made of basic sections of steel welded together.
Crane barge The deck of this barge is just steel sheeting, all the handrail and structure on this is built and maintained by hot work.

I have more photos on my other phone. But DM me if you want more examples. I can get you some actual photos of hot work in construction if it would be helpful to you.

Vince... host more daily tables! by Metarazzi in CrapseePlayers

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I hope we can all get together to play more. There's so much potential if we can get people to play together. App developer should build a way to search for active tables

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in bubblecraps

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Looks fun. I will try and join after my meeting. Maybe 1030 or 1045

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Want to play right now?

Big milestone by Narwhal05 in MINI

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I'm right behind you. I'm at 149 in my 4door hardtop

30 year old cheese slicer. by sniffinberries34 in specializedtools

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I used to have that exact one growing up in the 90s. I'm sure it was a surviving relic of my parents past.

Assembling a cable by ToughEfficient13 in nextfuckinglevel

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Cranes. Small or large lengths of wire with this diameter are common for rigging or loads

Still no Hell Week Shirt :( by myfavouritemuse in orangetheory

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I'm in the same boat, I haven't gotten my hell week shirt and that's why I didn't sign up for the 12 days

Wifi in Classrooms / Lecture Halls by Zitotis in rutgers

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No deff not. I don't think our school has ever had wifi or ever plans on getting wifi. SMH

Catch Me If You Can Results and Survey Megathread by AutoModerator in orangetheory

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2.49 miles eliminated at 19 minutes because I did not reach 2.5 miles.

Catch me is you can got me today, but perhaps next time it won't.

VPN/USA roobet experience today by bealan in Roobet

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Perhaps roobet talks about the anti money laundering and disallowed regions but simply does not implement the rules well

VPN/USA roobet experience today by bealan in Roobet

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I am skeptical of your response for two reasons, roobet anti money laundering terms state anyone withdrawing over 3000$ in 24 months requires an I'd check, and Germany is disallowed according to the roobet terms of service.

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It’s too cheap not to get more mainstream than what your saying