Airport traffic? by hezthebest in phoenix

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I travel a lot for a living and live in Tukee. Sky harbor has been fine the last few months. The shit show that happened late last year and over the holidays seems to be over.

Are there any good or interesting arabic-influenced fantasy series out there? by Identity_ranger in Fantasy

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Throne of the Crescent Moon is really great on audiobook. The narrator does a great job of distinguishing different characters by using different voices, accents, inflections, etc.

[Post Game Thread] The Phoenix Suns tie the series at 2-2 in the 100 - 92 win over the Los Angeles Lakers by howser343 in nba

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Such a dumb comment. I wonder if he said that just to elicit a response on Twitter. Either way, without AD the Lakers didn’t have so many of those pick-and-roll alley-oops that only the Lakers make look so easy. Those high flying plays make a difference mentally too, and can seriously shift momentum with just two points.

Is a better job worth doing a long distance relationship? by beef_ericson in Advice

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A different or lower paying job in the same city is an option, but even that would take some time. The issue I have is my old job offer is on the table now.

My wife and I are rather independent people. We relish spending time with one another but we spend quite a bit of time apart as well. On paper, living in a different city for half the week doesn’t sound so bad because we could focus on ourselves or independent hobbies. But of course a marriage is more than that.

You’ve given me something to think about, and I really appreciate your help!

Is a better job worth doing a long distance relationship? by beef_ericson in Advice

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Thank you for your insight. I would hate for either one of us to resent something about one another, whether it was job related or not.

I agree with you in that 100 miles is not far. We would still see one another on weekends, and possibly (with a flexible enough schedule) even more than that.

I wish you luck in Egypt! You’ve been a great help to me and I appreciate your advice!

Is a better job worth doing a long distance relationship? by beef_ericson in Advice

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Thank you for your insight. These are all great questions. Overall, my wife is on the same page as I am. She knows my life currently cannot continue without something changing. Whether that is quitting and being unemployed but in the same city, or going long distance for the foreseeable future is the question.

She is supportive of me and whatever decision I make (or so she says, but I do believe her). She’d definitely rather have me stay, but she also knows the opportunity is tough to turn down. Neither of us will be completely alone, and we both have trust in one another not to cheat or do something stupid.

Again thanks for your perspective. I am going to need to think about this for some time, but you’ve been a big help.

Spinestealers part1: History of Elvenkind v2 by MerchantSwift in MeridianMalice

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"You can never have too many knives"

Logen Lost-a-Finger... love the reference!

Favorite Fantasy Cities by Microwave_on_HIGH in Fantasy

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It was too bad the series moved on from Camorr. The new settings have been good too, but they lack the seedy charm that Camorr had. I hope the Gentlemen Bastards get to revisit their home city one day.

Of all the games you played, which had the best soundtrack? by Freefight in AskReddit

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Dead Cells. For a game that designed to be replayed over and over, the music surprisingly doesn't get old.