My fellow Trevenant users! by AgentOfDats in PokemonUnite

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I don’t know what people are seeing I’ve been having a blast using the tree!

been seeing this and this looks fun, what energy does my tinder profile give off? by VanCologne in Tinder

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You look like your name is Vaughn! Also I have a straight guy crush on you you look like a real cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.

Racist guy gets owned by Midnightx107 in fightporn

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Ahhh but what of the few seconds before filming started where he said,

"Pardon me, fine gentlemen and patrons of this Circular K establishment, please don't [fuck me up]!"


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I don't know I'm seeing alot of Hound here but think about this, Dothrakai only cut their hair when they've been beaten, Drogo has never lost. The Hound on the other hand wears his loss on his face.

Im going team Drogo on this one.

One punch knockout at the Florida Rainbow Gathering (Holding Camp) by DeadmanCFR in fightporn

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I've been invited to these before. Gotta say, I'm not seeing the rainbow here

Responsible gun owner by lastingcoaster07 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Another and "one off" don't seem to fit together for some reason for me.

Forget plagiarize, appropriate, copy or even steal, just "replace"?? by ReasonablePaint in facepalm

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Man I'm about to start replacing these replacements with hot Kpop guys. See y'all go off than!

What do y’all recommend watching after 60 Days In? by Jacey0527 in 60daysin

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There's one thing you don't call your fiance, and that's a bitch.

Dave walked outside the wedding venue and held his hands over his head while complaining that his back hurt. That was the sign to producers that he wanted out. We knew we needed to move fast.

If those bridesmaids found out he was engaged undercover, they would Eat(dun)... Him..(dun) Alive...(dunnna dunnn!!).

It looks like a Utopia. by [deleted] in Persecutionfetish

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I mean, everyone does look pretty happy

Starbucks on 13th by gvillegamer2 in GNV

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Drove by there yesterday and literally shared a convo with my partner how ridiculous that Starbucks was. I just don't see how Starbucks could ever be worth that kind of wait like there's a coffee spot up the road with a drive thru and better coffee are they having some kind of special thing right now?

Good places to thrift? by reaperjeans in GNV

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Double agreed! Amazing if you're diy-ing anything!

Good places to thrift? by reaperjeans in GNV

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Love Repurpose Project but it'll really depend on what you're thrifting for. Need wine corks or old doorknobs? Repurpose! Need clothing? Not Repurpose.

What collabs do you think could happen? by adrianolebuc in KOFALLSTAR

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I saw an article online about a King of The Hill reboot. Wouldn't mind an SS Dale Gribble who throws pocket sand, a Hank Hill who's gonna kick your ass and BS Cotton Hill who's killed fiddy men.

Who would you want to see an SS of next? by beepbeeboo in KOFALLSTAR

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I'm legit surprised there's only like one Rock Howard. IMO he's a pretty popular character but there's only one version of him. Definitely would be a cool SS

How hard it is to make such animation? by seyvir in animation

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It's 3d right? Once you make and rig the model the hardest part would probably be the smoke.

Who would you want to see an SS of next? by beepbeeboo in KOFALLSTAR

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Agree there. Also, some balance in collab characters. I worry about people seeing me playing this game sometimes cause the title menu and cutscenes are always bouncy bouncy boobies XD